Feature Events, Dutch UFO Convention 21 June: BE THERE!

Dutch UFO Convention 21 June: BE THERE!
Saturday, June 21, 2014
The programme for the first Dutch UFO Convention:
Time: Subject: Speaker:
11.00 hrs Opening/introduction Mr. Frans Heslinga (organiser)
11.15 hrs Ufos simply exist Dr. Ir. C. Vermeeren
12.30 hrs Break
13.30 hrs Disclosure, it's now Mr. Anton Teuben (Dutch ufo expert)
14.30 hrs Extra Terrestial Contacts Mrs. Arthura Hector (Ashtar Command Nederland)
15.45 hrs ET contacts world wide Maarten Horst (ET-first contact radio)
16.45 hrs Ancient E.T. contacts Mr. Jean Paul de Haan
17.45 hrs Closing convention Mr. Frans Heslinga
Jaarbeurs Utrecht
3521 Al Utrecht
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