Feature Events, 2018 Paranormal Supernatural Conference

2018 Paranormal Supernatural Conference
Saturday, May 05, 2018 to Sunday, May 06, 2018

Awaken yourself first. A host of seasoned and expert presenters encompassing the paranormal-supernatural and more will gather May 5 and 6, 2018 for the first annual Paranormal Supernatural Conference (PSC) at the Police Protective Association (PPA) Event Center, Denver, CO. See the Conference Website- https://constancecoo.wixsite.com/psc2018.

The event breaks some rules and boldly crosses the boundaries of siloed paranormal phenomenon. This year focuses on our psychic-consciousness and how we can move across time and dimensions of reality, and surprisingly awaken. Extraordinary military-CIA Controlled Remote Viewer (CRV) Lori Williams will demonstrate how each one of us can know things about ourselves, our life, from the past, and from the future, to more successfully navigate through life. Accomplished UFO & Extraterrestrial investigator, Katie Griboski, will show you more about how these fascinating and real events affect us. Additionally, a hi-tech energy-vibration healer and death experiencer (NDE) will, in turn, show you what our spirit looks like when it occupies our flesh body, and then the death experiencer will describe the other dimension that we inhabit when we die and move inter-dimensionally, amongst other beings.

Awaken yourself first! This breaks many rules. The conference goal is to provide excellence in high-value hard-boiled information to those who wish to know more about themselves and about strange life phenomenon, so you do not feel so alone. The enterprising event is open to the public and runs from Saturday 9:00 a.m. to Sunday 12:30 p.m. Morning pastries, cookies, and beverages will be available on both days. To attend the conference, no experience is required, except an open inquiring mind. Conference subjects include:

• Lori Lambert-Williams, Founder and CEO, keynote speaker- An expert Controlled Remote Viewer (CRV), originally trained by the U.S. military-CIA psychic program. Discover that you too have what it takes to get accurate answers to any question you ask.   

• Dr. Simeon Hein, PhD- A revolutionary author, lecturer, intuitive, and researcher who shares what science is disclosing about quantum fields, consciousness fractals, resonance, parallel universes, our subconscious, and if reality exists as we know it.

• Katie Griboski, STAR Team Investigator- An accomplished UFO & Extraterrestrial investigator who will show you more about how these fascinating areas continue to be real and affect us.

• James Schwartz of The Rocky Mountain Hypnotherapy Center- A Hypnotherapist who takes you to visit and experience your different planes of existence and helps you communicate directly with your guides and angels. The communications are your chance to ask and get the real answers as to why you have the life you have.

• David Stevens, MBA, Founder of Yoga of the Mind- A supercharged Master Intuitive who perceives how you can best navigate through today's unprecedented and historical disruptions to manifest the life you want.

• Dr. Gail Lynn, PhD, Founder Owner of the Life Center- A consummate healer who applies the safe, tested, and mature technology of vibration, sound, and light waves to your cells consciousness to enable your body to rebalance and reset itself to health.

• Susan Noeske, A Visitor to Heaven- A shocking death experiencer who died as she bled-out during childbirth in the hospital. Then she ‘rose from the dead’ where today, she remains connected to the other dimensions and communicates with, and gains unique knowledge from, interdimensional beings, such as guides, angels, and others who inhabit the higher dimensions.

• Debbie Solaris, Galactic Historian, ET Contactee- An Extraterrestrial contact-abductee, Akashic Records reader, and brilliant intuitive, using information channeled from her Arcturian and Pleiadian guides to heal others.

• Ricky Butterfass, Senior CSETI Member and Disclosure Project Representative- An acclaimed Associate Producer of the film Sirius Disclosure and astonishing Close Encounters of the 5th kind (CE-5) CSETI expert, who explains how to proactively initiate UFO and ET contacts.

It will be awesome to spend most of the weekend with people who share a love for the paranormal-supernatural, and with seasoned cutting-edge speakers and educators. Join us and awaken to information that can fill-in so many knowledge gaps. Join us and get that ‘aaahhh HHaaaa’ knowing. This conference will make you feel like you have come home after being alone for so long. Tickets range from $40 to $100.

For further information and ticket purchases, please visit the PSC Website at-- https://constancecoo.wixsite.com/psc2018 or contact J.J. Wells at awakenYourself2018@gmail.com or 720-203-6354.

2105 Decatur Street
Denver, CO 80211
United States


Awaken yourself first! We care deeply about paranormal, supernatural research and investigation that helps us awaken. However, we were unable to find a conference that matched our wants or needs. Therefore, our Mission was to engender something that covered these subject areas, was non-siloed, that was welcoming, open-minded, scholarly, and awe-inspiring. We wanted a conference where the talks were fresh and authoritative. We wanted a place where we can talk about all aspects of the paranormal and supernatural, in an easy-to-understand way for even the most novice attendee, and yet where seasoned attendees could discover far more. As a result, we created the PSC. The Conference will help empower people, expand people’s sense of themselves, and make more of their powerful consciousness. In effect, awaken. Please join us and celebrate with the people, like you, who make this area of knowledge exceptional.

The PSC is organized by Denver Near Death Studies (DNDS). We are here to build and support supernatural community. We hold 2nd Sunday monthly meetups with excellent paranormal-supernatural speakers at 1:30pm at the Greenwood Village City Hall, Greenwood Village, CO  80111.