Zit Emergency Solution (as seen on TV) *LINK* *PIC*

Zit Emergency Solution (as seen on TV) *LINK* *PIC*
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Thursday, January 13, 2011 09:31 pm

1: Zit Emergency Solution (as seen on TV)

Question Answered by Peter Lamas, Founder of Lamas, Inc. (Peter Lamas Products) and makeup master to the stars

I do not recommend this procedure all the time, but in an emergency, as I stated on the program. It will quickly eliminate the inflammation of the break out on occasions when your appearance is important, i.e. weddings, photo sessions, special events – where you don’t have a lot of time. This can solve the problem quickly. As for the procedure, it involves first making sure that the area that you are concerned with has been thoroughly cleaned, followed by applying a septic stick, like the kind men use when they cut themselves shaving, to take care of any bacteria. Second, saturate a cotton ball with Visine and put it on the breakout. Leave it on for a few minutes to help reduce the redness. Then apply a small amount of Preparation H – dab it on the breakout only (carefully) and within minutes it should reduce the swelling. Then wipe off any residue and continue to apply your makeup. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT near or around the eye area. And remember this technique I have explained should only be used in rare instances. Thank you for your question. THIS PROCEDURE IS NOT AN ACNE CURE!


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