Zetatalk on Obama - Afghanistan , Bin Laden *LINK*

Zetatalk on Obama - Afghanistan , Bin Laden *LINK*
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Gerard Zwaan
Sunday, November 16, 2008 12:16 am

Ive liked Obama from day one and am a strong foreign supporter of Him but Obama wants to increase the Nato force in Afghanistan . What happened to His dialog and diplomacy stance?

His stance has always been to increase forces in Afghanistan, to chase Bin Ladin. Obama cannot succeed as a president, could not have won the office, without having what seems to be a rational approach to ending the war in Iraq and ensuring that another 911 does not occur. Regardless of what those aware of the insider hand in 911 might think, the false premise that a bunch of Arabs caused this problem, Obama must walk a line that ensures the American public will be behind him. Else he is ineffectual, and fails. Would you have him fail?