Zetatalk on the Clinton team *LINK*

Zetatalk on the Clinton team *LINK*
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Gerard Zwaan
Sunday, November 23, 2008 06:05 am

I read on a UK News site last night that Hillary aides said it was \"done deal\" that she was accepting the secretary of state position. You said she would be offered it and decline, I thought that was fishy. I couldn\'t see Hillary turning that down especially when she knows Planet X is coming and there will be no 2012 election. What\'s the status of this? Did Obama and the Zetas not correctly asses her intentions? I just can\'t see her turning that down with especially with her insider information on PX.

Our prediction on human behavior is, as always, in the hands of man. The reaction and mindset of Bill Clinton up to the point where we predicted Hillary would decline was such that he would refuse to cooperate with the Obama White House. This changed because Bill saw the immense benefit to himself, to his legacy, and saw what a fun time he would have accompanying Hillary around the world. They are already wealthy, so any need to continue his speaking tours in an unbounded manner is not necessary. Obama knew this potential existed or he would not have made the overtures. He well knows how to make lemonade out of lemons. He will utilize the Clinton team and their vast political skills in a way that will astonish the world of doubters.