Zetas RIGHT Again! on Vote Fraud Suppression *LINK*

Zetas RIGHT Again! on Vote Fraud Suppression *LINK*
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Nancy Lieder
Thursday, November 16, 2006 04:54 am

ZetaTalk: Countering Fraud, written Nov 9, 2006

Nancy promised that after the election we would share some of what went on behind the scenes in our efforts, in concert with the Puppet Master\'s resources, to counter voter fraud. Where we will not divulge all aspects of this team effort, nor the techniques used, we will discuss some of this as it is by now well known to Karl Rove and company and thus no point in withholding this information from the public. Rove\'s team had lined up thousands of individuals across the country, in key battleground states, to effect voter fraud. He had layers, such that if the lower layer failed, another higher up would be in place, one or the other sure to succeed. To effect a sense of reality, the vote would be designed to go the way the local populace would vote for all but the key federal elections, as was done for the 2004 fraud. Thus, it would seem the voters were matching the polls on all but the federal question. Bush and Cheney and Rove and friends had predicted would go Republican, to retain Republican control of Congress, putting this idea forth so it would not seem strange. Rove had multiple technique, for instance:

* Replacing paper ballots with substitute ballots already prepared, so the ballots going into a tabulating machine would be the substitutes, not those the voters prepared. Since there is no name or ID on the voter ballots, there is no way to go back to the voter and ask if this was their ballot. The voter ballots would be destroyed, the substitutes retained for any recounts. This requires a compliant poll worker, with responsibility over the paper ballot stacks.

* Modifying electronic voting totals, by special cards inserted into the voting machines or tabulating machines, or special scripts running on the tabulating machines. These cards and scripts would be switched back or erased afterwards, leaving no trace of tampering. This requires access to the machines ahead of voting day, and after hours on voting day, so no trace is left. Recounts are impossible on electronic voting machines without paper trails, so any totals left in the machine cannot be doubted.

* Erasing totals or dumping ballots, where this is possible. Electronically, erasing all the ballots in a precinct expected to support Democrats is easy, as an electronic malfunction can effect this. If paper ballots counted were the originals instead of the substitutes, then an erasure for a recount of the paper ballots can ensure the substitutes are counted, as planned.

* Remote connections to the electronic tabulating machines, so that the totals can be swapped about or changed at will. These wireless connections were built into the fraudulent Diebold systems from the start, and not disabled by clueless election workers in the many states forced to hurriedly accept this equipment in order to comply with federal law pushed through by the Republicans in recent years. A laptop in a parking lot can connect and change the totals, so no election worker need be involved.

* Workers in the Secretary of State\'s office, for key states, where the final totals arrive. If the total is not what is expected, they foot drag until replacement totals can be arranged. It was for this reason Webb friendly sections of Virginia were seemingly slow to report, and why Burns is so slow to admit defeat in Montana. Allen and Burns were assured the fix was in, and are still waiting for a miracle to happen, somehow. Since the SOS must report what the precinct itself would confirm, this can only go so far, so slowing the process and reporting problems with the plan are all that a SOS conspirator can do, in the main.

As we mentioned, the theft of laptops with hundreds of thousands of identities had at its base forcing compliance with voter fraud plans as one of its goals. Vulnerable poll workers are contacted and given an offer they cannot refuse. Identify theft is a horror that few can withstand, as even after being exonerated and after may years have passed, the individual still suffers as though afflicted by leprosy. In each case, the individual can excuse themselves as they personally are only affecting a single precinct, a small part of the process. If contacted and reluctant, and inclined to blow the whistle, they are silenced in the usual manner. Dead men, or women, don\'t talk. Working over the past year, the Rove team was thus able to place thousands of fraud participants in place, for election day. How was this countered by ourselves, the Zetas, and the Puppet Master\'s team?

The Puppet Master is, of course, a member of MJ12, by default due to his great wealth. Many of his right hand men are also past members of MJ12, and thus able to meet with ourselves, the Zetas, face to face in the conscious. This allows rapid transaction of business, no need for the human to try to sort out a hunch coming up from their subconscious. In addition, Nancy was recruited to act as translator where we were having difficulty relaying our concepts. Nancy has been working several hours a day for many months in this regard, a matter easy to arrange as her schedule as a retired woman living at home allows missing time to be readily arranged. Nancy is aware of some of her contacts, having had recall, so is aware of her role, but not the scope of her involvement which was a heavy commitment of time. The basic process was as follows.

* The Puppet Master\'s team would have available a list of poll workers for a precinct. They would also have a list of techniques to be used. We would point to the poll worker who had been compromised by Rove\'s team, and to the technique to be used. This would be clarified as to time and place, by similar methods and lists which we could point to.

* If this technique did not relay what we know to the Puppet Master\'s team, Nancy would be dragged in for clarification. If, for instance, a janitor rather than a poll worker were compromised, or a fraud technique not on the list was to be used, Nancy would be called in. Thus, the lists got more comprehensive.

* As election day approached, some changes would occur, and we would be the ones to notify, instantly, that a change of plan had occurred. Substitutions could be a poll worker suddenly getting cold feet, another being considered more reliable, another technique coming available so a less reliable technique was being discarded, or any number of other reasons including death or illness in someone who had previously been onboard with the Rove plan.

* On election night, there were thousands of Puppet Master agents ready to block the intended fraud. They had the advantage of being able to use our transport systems, which we offered to them for this occasion only. They were, after all, determined to counter the vote fraud that Rove and company had put into place, thus allowing the people\'s wishes to be heard, countering a fraud. Our transport system included teleporting the team members into locked rooms, and assisting them with their tasks if other humans were present by freezing those others temporarily, so no memory of the affair remained.

* Piles of substitution ballots would be replaced with the real ballots ready to be tabulated, and after tabulation, switched back. Thus the poll workers who were cooperating with Rove thought the fraudulent ballots had gone through, and think their job done. This type of switch would be done for electronic voting cards too, the correct cards inserted after the fraud had been put into place, then switched back after the voting hours were past.

* If the fraud was to change the totals via remote control, via the ports that Diebold built into their systems deliberately for this access, another technique would be used. Ahead of the election, the remote port would be disabled from the election tabulators, then inserted onto another PC in the general vicinity. This PC would be left running, in a closet or locked office, loaded with the tabulating software and totals that would seem logical to an agent expecting to find them toward the end of the election day. The totals would be changed, but not on the real tabulating PC. The Rove player would consider the job done, report thus, and not be aware of a failure until the matter was too late to change.

* If there was danger in having any original ballots damaged, we took them into custody, putting substitutes there and using our ability to suggest what a human sees to convince the pole worker cooperating with Rove that they had seen what they expected to see, akin to the screen memories we sometimes give contactees. Thus they may have reported to the Rove team that ballots were destroyed, when the only thing destroyed was a ream of blank paper.

* In some cases, those in the control rooms, coordinating the players to effect the Rove plan, were sickened so they became unconscious for a time, thus unavailable to the phone when frantic conspirators called wondering what to do, unable to change a count as expected. In many cases, a compromised poll worker had to call in sick, with a sudden stomach flu or the like.

* If due to resources being over stretched so that a fraudulent count went into an electronic device, we would use our ability to create electronic surges, wiping out the count. This would either force a re-tabulation if paper ballots were available, or a loss of a fraudulent count as well as the intended voter count, an unfortunately but necessary loss. The loss of actual voter counts were in all such cases at small precincts, and thus in the scheme of things did not change the outcome.

* If the intended fraud was to wipe out a total in a tabulating machine by what is called a computer glitch, loss of power or a temporary brownout, we countered this by our assist. We, the Zetas, knowing the timing of such a temporary power outage, knowing the intended player and what plug was to be pulled or what switch flicked, would register the totals being displayed, then have the human team reinsert the totals via keyboard or remote access. The poll workers would sign relief that the totals had not been wiped out, the conspirator going on his or her way thining the job accomplished.

Rove and Bush and Cheney and Mehlman had been confident their fraud would work, as it had in times past. Gore did not lose Florida in 2000 nor did Kerry lose in 2004. Rove and Bush and Cheney and Mehlman stated their confidence that control of Congress would not be lost, stating this repeatedly, and arranged for some magazine and newspaper editorials and experts to echo this confidence. So what occurred on election night, behind closed doors? Rage, frantic phone calls with renewed demands, and then stunned shock. They are still in shock, as no plans had been laid for how to deal with an adverse outcome. The rats will turn on each other, increasingly, a process already started, each scrambling to stay on top, stay in control, pushing others down in the process. What this rat scramble will produce will not be winners and losers, but constant revelation of the truth of what has been going on in the White House. Like barbs slung at another, the truth will fly through the air, for all to see. None will escape, the infighting becoming increasingly obvious. Meanwhile, Congress and the courts will begin running the country again, the White House increasingly irrelevant. Just what the Puppet Master wanted, decapitation!