Zetas RIGHT Again! *LINK*

Zetas RIGHT Again! *LINK*
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Nancy Lieder
Tuesday, March 07, 2006 07:27 am

\'Each level of acceptance, within a culture or country, or worldwide, allows another level of exposure in the general populace to ensue. Where are first sightings were deniable, passing quickly and seen by few and most often a single individual, this moved in late 1997 into a phase where sightings are seen by many, are vivid and undeniable, and even recorded on video or film. Still, they are being under reported by the media, and denied by many in authority. Those in authority that realize the inevitable are seeking ways to give in gracefully, while those who are rigid in resisting what they deem a takeover by outsiders are still shrill and becoming increasingly ridiculous in their denials.

The next stage will be glimpses of alien bodies, fleeting at first, and then increasingly solid views. Watch for cries of \"demon\" from the religious elite, and \"insanity\" from those clinging to the status quo.

ZetaTalk: Next Phase, written Feb 15, 1998