Zetas on Obama & me on Obama *LINK* *PIC*

Zetas on Obama & me on Obama *LINK* *PIC*
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Friday, July 25, 2008 12:47 pm


\"We have mentioned that Obama is a Star Child. Most Star Children operate alone or in concert with others from their world with whom they feel a kinship. Thus, several Star Children from the same world may be incarnated on Earth nearby each other, and find and work with each other during their lifetimes. In Obama\'s case, since his mission was so ambitious, he had this and more. There are many spirits supporting his efforts, both incarnated and disincarnate.\"

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A. Upon the ladder of spiritual evolution, it\'s much easier to see and comprehend those beneath you on the lower rungs, than it is to see and appreciate someone above you. Nervous systems vibrate at different frequencies. Driving for the first time from Vancouver to Calgary, you can identify with and remember where you\'ve been and what it looked like, but have much less of an idea of what the scenery is like ahead. There\'s one thing you can trust Obama for - he will do the right thing, the best thing for the US and the people of the world in these present troubled times, whether or not you agree with it or fully understand.

B. How easy it is when we don\'t understand what a gifted, caring and competent soul Obama is, to refer to him as \"the anti-Christ.\" In reality, there is no such abject, evil person. Such mass delusions are easy, modern \"Christian\" theology is easy, and none of it requires any legitimate justification. Christ was an embodiment of pure divine love, wisdom, and compassion. Therefore, \"anti-Christ\" simply refers to anything or anyone which is an embodiment of anything less than that, complete with whatever darkness, ignorance, and destructive behavior go along with it. To some degree or another, we\'ve all got a little \"anti-Christ\" inside of us - not \"out there,\" but on the inside.

C. There will always be faults to find in the world, but it\'s when we look to taking responsibility for our own spiritual growth and happiness, to cleaning up our own house, first and foremost, that the faults of the world appear less and less threatening. The joy and light of the inner spirit cannot be touched or affected by anything - ever. Not chemtrails, \"anti-Christ presidential candidates,\" tasers, or pole shifts.

D. If you can\'t see his light, you have no light of your own.