Zetas on Jeff Peckman's "Peeping Alien" - The cute widdle snoopy is REAL! *LINK*

Zetas on Jeff Peckman's "Peeping Alien" - The cute widdle snoopy is REAL! *LINK*
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Sunday, June 01, 2008 03:51 pm

The background:

\"A video of a purported alien was presented to the media in Denver on May 30, 2008. The video was closely guarded because it is destined to be part of a documentary, but a still shot was provided to the public. The video was taken in 2003, in Nebraska, by a father who suspected a Peeping Tom was looking in the window at his teenage daughters. The father installed an infrared camera and when inspecting the video later discovered that an alien was the Peeping Tom. The video has not been doctored, but could the whole thing be a hoax, some kind of plastic puppet manufactured by the teen-age daughters to spoof their dad? [and from another] Phone Home: Purported UFO Vvideo to be Shown Friday [May 28] [ OLD LINK REMOVED ] A video that purportedly shows a living, breathing space alien will be shown to the news media in Denver. Jeff Peckman, who is pushing a ballot initiative to create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission in Denver to prepare the city for close encounters of the alien kind, said the video is authentic and convinced him that aliens exist. When Peckman went before city officials this month to discuss his proposed ET initiative, he promised to show the video. An instructor at the Colorado Film School in Denver scrutinized the video very carefully and determined it was authentic. Peckman, 54, said the video was among the reasons he was \"compelled\" to launch the proposed ballot initiative, which has generated news as far as South Africa. \"It shows an extraterrestrial\'s head popping up outside of a window at night, looking in the window, that\'s visible through an infrared camera,\" he said. The alien is about 4 feet tall and can be seen blinking, Peckman said earlier this month.\"

Zetas explanation:

We stated in the past, years ago, that photos and videos of aliens would begin to emerge, and that they would be genuine. The Awakening process is predictable and steady, starting with individual UFO sightings by those who are psychologically ready for this and ending with undeniable sightings of alien bodies. UFO sightings have been on the increase, and have transitioned to regular mass sightings, often captured on video. Crop circles are no longer ridiculed by the media. During an occurrence called the \"Brazilian Roswell\" several children glimpsed the survivors of the crash before they were hauled away by the Brazilian military. And periodically there have been reports of humans glimpsing alien bodies, always hominoid, but without photographic evidence.

Why would photos of alien bodies be necessary at this time? The anxiety over the alien presence has moved from fearing any visitors to curiosity. Although most alien life forms are not hominoid, the presentation to mankind would of course start with hominoids from elsewhere, to reduce anxiety. \"Ah,\" the public would say, \"they kind of look like US.\" Once that threshold has been crossed, glimpses and photos of aliens who are not hominoid will begin. It this Nebraska video real? Yes. Why is an alien popping up and down peeking in a window? Being telepathic, we of course were aware this father was planning installation of an infrared camera to catch a suspected Peeping Tom outside the window of his teenage daughters\' bedroom. We knew the video would be carefully screened by this father and that the family would not suffer undue anxiety when an alien was discovered. We also knew the family would contact paranormal groups and that the video would eventually arrive where it has today, in the news!