Zetas: 13% of channelled messages are accurate

Zetas: 13% of channelled messages are accurate
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Sunday, December 11, 2005 03:54 pm

From Zetatalk, 1996:


Claims that one is in contact with an intelligence from another world is easier to foist upon the listener than a claim that one is listening to the spirits of dead humans. In seances, for instance, the audience can state that the message being relayed does not sound right, that it doesn’t sound like Uncle Joe, or something an old woman would say. But if one is relaying a message that is supposedly coming from another world, almost anything goes, and it does. Fully half, 50%, of all individuals claiming to channel or the like are making this up, and they know it. The majority of those genuinely in contact, another 37% or so, are giving a garbled message so that there is a mixture of truth and uneasy feelings the channel may have. Thus only 12-13% of those making claims are relaying a true message. So the listening audience is completely confused in the main. It’s like a kaleidoscope of information and colors. They are hearing about worlds they have not visited, nor are they likely to, so they have no basis of comparison and certainly no way to prove out what is being said. If one is going to tell a fairy tale, one tells it far out rather than with any basis of validation, and in that way validation is never a challenge or a worry.


The percentages may be different now, almost ten years later. Something to keep in mind anyway.