Zeta Be Gone (OWKA 'the Zetazapper)

Zeta Be Gone (OWKA 'the Zetazapper)
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Friday, October 05, 2007 06:14 pm

\"I passed you (sic) message along to the Zetas. Of course they already knew what you wrote about them.\"

Ask them what day, and year they picked me up from the corner of 2nd and Commercial (Vancouver) and then dropped my at Nanaimo and 1st. If you are such good buddies with these most heinous predators they should easily provide you with the exact time and date. You might also want to ask these troglodytes what I learned and do to \'uninvite\' them from my life. Ask them who spoke the truth about certain types of wood and orgonite. Anyone in kahoots with these demons needs to re-examine their souls deeply. These are terrorists of the worse order, not to mention their foul stench.
Last time they visited, ask them how come I broke their paralysis spell. If you can answer all these questions, then I\'ll \'believe\' you are contact with Satan\'s Minions and seem to revel in the fact. But you seem to be a young soul, a firm believer in \'inspired\' nonsense and drivel, and seeing your posts reminds me of having the Jehovah\'s Witnesses visit. Of course the JW\'s are spies for Free Masonry, I wonder what your game is?