Zeitgeist the Muvie ~ YES!!! *LINK*

Zeitgeist the Muvie ~ YES!!! *LINK*
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Rev. J. Nightingale
Monday, August 13, 2007 09:01 pm

I can\'t tell you how pleased I am to see this film being promoted on the BBS index page! YES!!! I\'ve seen it twice and even paid $7 ($5+2 P&P) for the DVD &mdash and I haven\'t even got a DVD player! That\'s how much I believe in this thing and how much I truly resonate with this as Truth.

It is so splendidly and tastefully done &mdash very clear with no \'sensationalism\' anywhere whatsoever.

Religion is, indeed, the worst form of prison there is! In fact, if you go to my blog, (see link below), you\'ll see some articles I\'ve written about religion and, yes, I make mention of Zeitgeist therein. The first article of note is \'Love vs. Fear\' and the second one is \'Religion or Prison\'.

So many people are terrified of death, for example, because they\'re afraid that they\'re going to \'go to hell\' or be met with total nothingness or blackness, etc. I can\'t tell you the countless eMails and calls I receive from these terrified individuals &mdash all because of the horrible lies inflicted on the masses by ... RELIGION!!!

Every religion should have the warning label thereon stating: \"DEADLY ~ Lethal if swallowed!\" We \'swallow\' too many lies as it is in our daily lives ... and a HUGE part of my work as an NDEr and minister (thank goodness I\'m not a Christian minister!) is to help alleviate the fear of death and to let people know that there IS life after death and that there is no \'condemning\' he-god who\'s going to cast you down into some fiery inferno of a netherworld.

I am SO grateful to be doing my programme, Toward The Light here on BBS Radio &mdash so that I can help remind people that Only Love Prevails... [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]