Zany - THANK YOU for this video (you really give some fantastic posts)!

Zany - THANK YOU for this video (you really give some fantastic posts)!
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CEO of BBS Radio
Monday, May 26, 2008 09:12 pm

Given my experiences, meditation involving beams of light, which just envolope me, or travel through me, etc, and an awakening experience, where light was my total seeming reality, this video gave me more of a base of words to qualify my experiences - (a starting-rooting-building-block to the explanation of consciousness) - The paradigm it suggests, seems overly evident to anyone who watches the video (which means he does a fantastic job of presenting the information). In fact, he made the complex extremely simple (true oratory art). The way in which it was explained is fantastic, and moreover, capable of being reasoned by everyone, even those who do not feel the information - but need to reason the information.


: Presentation given at \"Physics of Consciousness\" conference,
: Virginia, 2004, in which Peter Russell explores the mystery of
: consciousness from both scientific and mystical perspectives, showing
: how light is intrinsic to both, and giving a coherent argument as to
: why consciousness is fundamental essence of the cosmos. (Includes
: beautiful graphics and images)