Zachariah goes into the desert… *PIC*

Zachariah goes into the desert… *PIC*
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Wednesday, December 06, 2006 11:11 pm

Zachariah goes into the desert accompanied by a friend… They are on the way to Apache Wells.

Nothing but sand dunes for miles around…

As they were climbing up over one of the dunes, heading west. They hear a violin playing way off in the distance.

So they hurriedly clambered to the top of the dune to see where the music was coming from… And to their surprise… There on the slope of the next dune, was a fellow sitting on a porch, in an old rocking chair. Going hell for leather on a violin, playing a swanky sort of blues tune.
There was no building… Just a porch sitting there held up with some props. And this fellow on the violin could play that thing REAL GOOD. … (Doug Kershaw…famous dude from the 70’s)

He was singing… “Zachariah, Zachariah, don’t go down to Apache Wells.”… When he finished singing he said to Zachariah. “Don’t shoot it out with Job Cain, coz he’s a killed everyone that has taken him on.” (meaning… Don’t shoot up Cocaine, coz it’ll kill ya in the end)

Job Cain was an Afro/American drummer Elvin Jones… He was called by Life magazine \"the world\'s greatest rhythmic drummer.\" In the 70’s I guess ?

Anyway… As the film is full of inner meanings such as sex (represented by a Belle Star character), drugs (well… they were just mostly just drugs… except for Job Cain). And Rock and Roll (Country Joe & The Fish were the outlaw gang). Because the inner meaning of the film was the ‘message’. The Producer of this film Zachariah, did not bother with all of the fancy props.

For example… If The Gang, (Country Joe & The Fish) were going into a town to get drunk and rob the Bank… All of the town’s buildings were all just fronts with props holding them up, except the Saloon and the Bank… They were whole buildings. With a back part to them… So ‘The Gang’ could get drunk and rob the Bank.

The scene was set back in the 1800’s. But they had electric guitars if need be. (who care about protocol when you are trying to get a message across)

The whole movie goes on like this, and is about to be re-released (or has already)

I reckon it’s worth watching. Even if it is just to get a feel of the 70’s.

Plot Summary for Zachariah (1971)
Gunfights and electric guitars in the Old West? You bet! Zachariah gets a mail order gun, practices a little, and kills a man in the local saloon. He and his friend Matthew set out to become gunfighters, joining with the Crackers, a rock band who are also (pitifully inept) stage robbers. Having quickly outgrown that gang, Zachariah and Matthew set out to become bigtime gunslingers. Before long, they part company and a rivalry grows between them.