Yep... That is interesting. *PIC*

Yep... That is interesting. *PIC*
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Monday, December 19, 2005 07:05 pm

: Where is Diego Garcia? Is it on one of those lines? or where they cross?

Yes it seems that Diego Garcia is on the \'Barrington line\'... (see pic below and compare with the pic from my last post)

But there is a suspicious amount of \'Crown Law\' activity there.

In fact, the \'Crown Law mob seem to be aware of a previous civilization that was based there.

The wording on the coat of arms for the island is \"In tutela nostra Limuria\" which translates into \"Limuria is in our charge\"

Rather bold and pompous it seems.

here is a snip from [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]



The Chagos islands were first discovered, uninhabited, in the 16th century.

The French assumed sovereignty in the late 18th century and began to exploit them for copra, originally employing slave labour. By then, the Indian Ocean and its African, Arabian and Indian coasts had become a centre of rivalry between the Dutch, French and British East India companies for dominance over the spice trade and over the routes to India and the Far East. France, which had already colonised R?union in the middle of the seventeenth century, claimed Mauritius in 1775, having sent its first settlers there in 1772; it subsequently took possession of the Seychelles group and the islands of the Chagos Archipelago. (Although the latter were not commercially important, they had strategic value because of their position astride the trade routes.)

During the Napoleonic wars Britain captured Mauritius and R?union from the French. Under the treaty of Paris in 1814, Britain restored R?union to France, and France ceded to Britain Mauritius and its dependencies, which comprised Seychelles and various other islands, including the Chagos Archipelago. All these dependencies continued to be administered from Mauritius until 1903, when the Seychelles group was detached to form a separate Crown Colony. The Chagos islands continued to be administered as a dependency of Mauritius until, with the full agreement of the Mauritius Council of Ministers, they were detached to become part of the British Indian Ocean Territory in 1965. At the same time Britain paid a grant of ?3 million to Mauritius in consideration of the detachment of the Chagos islands.

After the British Indian Ocean Territory had been created, the UK Government gave Mauritius an undertaking to cede the Chagos islands to Mauritius when they were no longer required for defence purposes. However, since the 1980s, successive Mauritian governments have asserted a sovereignty claim to the islands, arguing that they were detached illegally.

The territory is overseen by a Commissioner and Administrator who are based in London. The Commissioner\'s Representative in the BIOT is the commanding officer of the British Royal Navy Party at Diego Garcia and who serves as the Justice of the Peace.

The coat of arms of [British Indian Ocean Territory] shows the motto of \"IN TUTELA NOSTRA LIMURIA\" in some book and another shows the motto of \"PEAKS OF LIMURIA\". Which one is correct?
Nozomi Kariyasu, 17 August 2002

\"In tutela nostra Limuria\" means \"Limuria is in our charge\" - Limuria is to the Indian Ocean as Atlantis is to the Atlantic Ocean - the lost continent. The Peaks of Limuria refer to the same mythical continent.
Rob Raeside, 20 August 2002

(end snip)

This may not be so sinister or intentional, because the \'energy\' rules... And the \'energy\' would be causing this sort of stuff to happen.

So in that respect, the \'Crown\' is like a slave to the \'life energy\'... For they know not what they do... Or why they do it.

Same for everyone I guess.

It seems that Diego Garcia might be on the halfway point with regards to the \'Barrington line\', which could act like a low point of flow... Hence the negative type of activity there.

Maybe the \'Crown\' needs that low energy... low in \'Vril\' maybe... Maybe they can\'t hack the \'good stuff\'... Maybe that is a strong symptom of their preferred \'condition\'...

\'They\' seem to thrive on low life stuff... And maybe that is why \'they\' are stuffing up the planet as quick as \'they\' can ?

Makes sense to me.

Sounds like an Alien entity to me.

And my money is still on that fungal entity.(a Highly Evolved Micro-biological Entity parasite within \'most\' humans)

Who knows... It could even be a fungus based entity from mars ?

Cannot handle the Earth\'s life force energy.