Yeah, you are right . . . a bit vague there, huh? *LINK* *PIC*

Yeah, you are right . . . a bit vague there, huh? *LINK* *PIC*
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Saturday, July 21, 2007 10:21 am

Either my brain has been cooked by SAS Special Forces Helicopter Directed Energy Weapons or, The Constitution has ALREADY been shredded long ago. Here is an example from last week\'s GLP chat:


Are all the troops going to leave Iraq before the shift? And the Navy is in Niagara County NY patrolling a power generator. What are they up too?

We have stated that we anticipate an evacuation from Iraq, as the Earth changes at home will require the troops to return. This will be done quietly, without announcement in the media, unless there has been an administration change in the White House. In that the last weeks and months will take most by surprise, it is unlikely that a total evacuation will be done, though possible. We anticipate a skeleton crew maintained at all bases around the world, to implement a limited response if necessary, to be the guiding plan in place for the military. These would be personnel who have connections in the community, who would elect to remain, in the main. Of course the military and other Homeland Security forces are checking possible terrorist attack sites, all the time! A power station that would affect NYC as it has in the past would be a likely site.

Crop Circle Choppers: [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]

: What has been repeated over and over again by Nancy Lieder and the Zeta
: folks?

: That the troops are needed at home to defend and protect the
: constitution, or that the troops are needed at home for a martial
: law? (suspension of the constitution).

: It sounds like you\'re saying \"Zeta\'s are right again! The Sun came
: up in the East this morning, just like Nancy Lieder and the Zeta
: Folks and millions of other people suggested it would!\"

: Could you be more specific?

: Since \"it\" has been repeated over and over by Nancy Lieder and
: the Zeta Folks, could you quote an example or two?


Picture: Unidentified Flying Object Observes Appache Chopper Above Crop Circle