Yeah, it's getting really weird out there...and about those Smileys...

Yeah, it's getting really weird out there...and about those Smileys...
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Monday, April 04, 2011 08:37 pm

I only know how to get certain smiley faces on my Subject Line...  (Skip a space) then type colon + closed parenthesis [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]  or  semi-colon + closed parenthesis [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]  or colon + open parenthesis [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]  or colon + capital O [ OLD LINK REMOVED ] ... I can\'t get any of the smileys inside the TNT posting program to work in the Subject Line -- only inside in the actual body of my post.   As for pictures, I can only get ONE picture at the Bottom of my post to work using TNT\'s original program.  Any other pictures I put in my post DISAPPEAR.  I use Firefox and search for pictures by typing in a Name or Phrase and then (Images), for example:  Google Search: Obama (Images) and it takes you to whole pages of pictures.  Download to your Desktop & I Rename them for keeping in Folders.  Then from there they can be inserted directly into your post from your Desktop.  That\'s the only way I know how to do it.  I wish I knew how to post Music & SoundBites without having to post YouTube Videos, but I can\'t figure that out.  I\'ve never been able to figure out the iManager or much of anything else on how to post.  I\'m very Limited in what I can do, but if anything I said above is not clear, please ask me and I\'ll try to explain it better.  What good is a Program if people don\'t know how to use it?

Also, I was told awhile back by a couple of people, that for a long time the Print in my Posts was Too Small, so I Enlarged it.  It looks HUGE to me, so today I tried it a bit Smaller.  Could you tell me how it looks to you???  I just want mine to look Normal -- Easy to Read -- but Normal.

As for Obama\'s HEAD SCARS...I don\'t know...Something strange in there...  [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]  (my Favorite Icon as you\'ve probably noticed!)

The PROZZAK thinks he\'s a typical Canadian [ OLD LINK REMOVED ], but I don\'t think so...thank God [ OLD LINK REMOVED ], but he IS unique... (and if you\'re reading this PROZZAK --  [ OLD LINK REMOVED ] )

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