Yeah, the ET's are Phoning Home...for more Opiates...? *PIC*

Yeah, the ET's are Phoning Home...for more Opiates...? *PIC*
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Wednesday, September 08, 2010 04:07 pm

Looks like Mao & Marx had a Common Enemy and Karl Marx -- the Jew, was privately tutored by the Jesuits for no less than 30 years.  Isn\'t it Strange how all the top Communists have been Jesuit-trained???  But don\'t ask too many questions, \'cause ya just might come up with the Right Answers...

Other top Communists:

Vladimir Lenin (Trained by Jesuits in Switzerland, Given a safe passage in Vatican-marked trains)
Mao Zedong (Trained by Jesuits, Backed by the Vatican-controlled OSS)
Fidel Castro (Trained at three private Jesuit schools, Crypto Jesuit, Part of a Roman Catholic political party in Cuba, Met with the Grandmaster of SMOM)
Raul Castro (Trained at a private Jesuit school)
Joseph Stalin (Trained at a Jesuit seminary, Crypto-Jesuit)

The Vietnamese communists and Daniel Ortega were controlled by Jesuits. Leon Trotsky was financed by the Jesuit/Vatican-created Federal Reserve Bank, which had been created as a result of the Jekyll Island meeting, attended by banking agents of the Rockefeller family (Knights of Malta) and the Rothschild family (Vatican banking agents, \"Guardians of the Papal Treasure\" - Encyclopedia Judaica).

Communism stems from the Illuminati, which was, itself, a Jesuit creation.

\"Vietnam: Why Did We Go?\"

Vatican Thumbs Up for Karl Marx after Galileo, Darwin & Oscar Wilde


Karl Marx, who famously described religion as “the opium of the people”, has joined Galileo, Charles Darwin and Oscar Wilde on a growing list of historical figures to have undergone an unlikely reappraisal by the Roman Catholic Church...

With reassessments such as these it may be wondered which formerly unacceptable figure could be next. Last year the Vatican erected a statue of Galileo as a way of saying sorry for trying the astronomer in 1633 for his observation that the Earth moved around the Sun; in February a leading official declared Darwin’s theory of evolution compatible with the Christian faith, and in July L’Osservatore praised Oscar Wilde, the gay playwright, as “a man who behind a mask of amorality asked himself what was just and what was mistaken”...

Two years ago Benedict XVI singled out Marxism as one of the great scourges of the modern age. “The Marxist system, where it found its way into government, not only left a sad heritage of economic and ecological destruction, but also a painful destruction of the human spirit,” he told an audience in Brazil...

Then again the Pope has been busy reappraising modern capitalism. Benedict’s latest encyclical, Charity in Truth, offers a direct response to the recession, arguing that global capitalism has lost its way and that Church teachings can help to restore economic health by focusing on justice for the weak and closer regulation of the market...

Marx, who predicted that capitalism would be destroyed by its internal contradictions and be replaced by communism after a transitional period, was born in 1818 in Trier in Germany to Jewish parents. Although it was a majority Catholic town, his father, Heinrich, converted to Lutheran Protestantism to escape anti-Semitism.

Marx was baptised as a Christian, but he remained an atheist all his life. He once observed that “religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.”


Vatican Thumbs Up for Karl Marx after Galileo, Darwin & Oscar Wilde


Was the Nazi \'Pink Triangle\' named after Karl Pinkau?  But of course the Vatican would compensate & absolve itself...?  They\'ve covered ALL the Bases...

Our Lady of Homosexuals...?