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CEO of BBS Radio
Friday, November 21, 2008 03:50 pm

Yeah, I get pissed off when I realize people are closed off to opinions...

I get upset when I think about working in the same location with people that exist in a bubble that causes them to share their angst and stress, creating a vibe and a culture that creates more of the same for everyone in their vicinity!

Can you imagine working with a person that only sees the shit in the world.

I don\'t like fighting, war or stress, or people that promote (create) it!

Given a choice, I\'d rather exist elsewhere!

But I don\'t have a choice, insofar as this medium (organization is concerned), and so I will FIGHT! I will add to the carnage (in an attempt to show how rediculous it is).

Perhaps my ire will be so overwhelming that people will CLUE IN!

If I have to WHITNESS SHIT AROUND ME, and I can\'t get away, I will ADD TO THE SHIT AROUND ME - and there will be no escape - for anyone!

Bottom line, I\'m a good man - GETTING DOWN RIGHT PISSED OFF (and not by any political news)

Pass the booze! It\'s just what I need!

: Well, he went missing and was proclaimed dead so he, like me, had no ID.
: But he was a gnarly old grumpus and was leering at the ladies back in my
: old rave days.
: I simply danced circles around him for 2 hours until he tired then we
: drank a fine ale or two together. Wish you were here MR. CEO to quaff
: a few brews, seems like you need it.