Ya Know, As Time Goes on I Feel Better and Better!

Ya Know, As Time Goes on I Feel Better and Better!
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Thursday, June 24, 2010 01:39 pm

Every now and then I break down into total despair, but that despair seems to have a teeter-totter effect and I can all of a sudden feel better than I\'ve ever been able to feel before.  A few weeks ago it was tears followed by an MDMA like \'rush\' that lasted for hours (geesh, the rush on MDMA only lasts an hour or so).  Now it\'s a few seconds of despair followed by a day of feeling awesomely over-the-top.  It\'s not that I don\'t care about what is going on in the world around me, I do deeply care, it is that I\'ve given up on worrying about things I have absolutley no control over.  Who cares about what some schmuck from a tiny peninsula in BC thinks about the oil spill?

What matters more?  The impetus of a small group of us here teaching people how to deal with RCMP Brown Shirts, or fussing about what may or may not be going on States-side as far as the nazification goes?  What matters more?  The fact that I\'ve got a yard full of food and am now working on a community garden for the Sechelt Nation, or writing about how everyone else should as well?

We are bombarded by bad images, horrible memes and swamped by the ills of others.  IF, if we chose to be here Now...those folks are more than capable of enduring and striving and perhaps even thriving through the tasks that God has laid out for them.  If not, they become compost.  We ALL become compost (I have stipulated that if I am dying I am to be left on the Mountain with a decent handgun and left to rot/be fodder for eagles and vultures). 

All in all, I feel fully capable of fending for my own, with the help of friends and family of course of proceeding with as much dignity as possible into what-is-to-be.  It is all starting to whirl by faster and faster (seemingly) but these weird little birds keep looking at me from a few feet away and try to get into my RV/Office.  Then the cougar (maybe a lynx or bobcat) keeps screaming but leaves our chickens alone.  The blackbear keeps tripping himself outside my fence at odd hours and I can watch real clouds float up the Inlet.

I don\'t know exactly what it was in your post, but it triggered another wave of gooey-feeling goodness.  Maybe they are spraying something novel on me.  And I\'ve never been adverse to trying something new...C\'est la vie.