Ya Gotta Luv Jungle-Jim's Wild West Brawling Style

Ya Gotta Luv Jungle-Jim's Wild West Brawling Style
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Juan Loco
Monday, September 26, 2005 08:27 pm

Jungle-Jim McCanney's wild west bar-room style of brawling is admirable for a professional man.

After body-slamming his weatherman victim, Scott Stevens, and throwing him across the boozey floor and trying to drown him in a full spitoon, Jungle-Jim then had to pick his victim up off the floor, wipe away the lugey-slime and dust him off before apologizing.

I gotta tell ya...I love wild man Jungle-Jim McCanney's style.

Read the latest scoop in the weather war brawls coming to you direct from Bruce's Wild West Gonadal Gay Bar and Grill where you can eat turkey nuts til the cows come home.


Su Amigo Juan Loco

: Professor McCanney's website pooh-pooh's the existence of scalar
: interferomtery controlling the weather and informs his readers the
: USA is being subverted from within; that made-in-the-USA laser
: weather control satellites are operated from within the USA.

: I for one certainly doubt claims that the Yakuza leases LW Scalar
: interferometers from Russia to destroy the USA.

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