Ya Gotta Love The Fuhrer.

Ya Gotta Love The Fuhrer.
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Wednesday, December 28, 2005 12:33 pm

Dubya is doing precisely what one should expect of a leader of a Democracy, namely, act as a Tyrant.

America is as the pundits and politicians say: A Democracy. A Democracy is a Mobocracry that votes for a leader to guide the mob to lawlessness. Ever wonder why the Founding Fathers were repulsed by Democracies?

By their choice of words the pundits and politicians are all telling you the Rebublic is dead. In fact, it has been dead since 1861.

The Republic is Dead: Long Live the Democracry.


: Breaking News and Commentary from Citizens for Legitimate Government
: 28 December 2005
: All links to articles as summarized below are available here:
: Mail or bring your copies of \'1984\' to the Oakland Tribune -- they will
: send them to Congress!! \"We think it\'s time for Congress to heed
: the warning of George Orwell. To that end, we\'re asking for your
: help: Mail us or drop off your tattered copies of \'1984.\' When we get
: 537 of them, we\'ll send them to every member of the House of
: Representatives and Senate and to President [sic] Bush and Vice
: President [sic] Dick Cheney. Feel free to inscribe the book with a
: note, reminding these fine people that we Americans take the threat
: to our liberties seriously... Bring or mail your books to the Oakland
: Tribune, 401 13th St., Oakland CA 94612. Doors are open from 8 a.m.
: to 5 p.m.\"

: Denied Surveillance Wiretaps, Bush Bypassed Court 24 Dec 2005 Government
: records show that the administration was encountering unprecedented
: second-guessing by the secret federal surveillance court when
: Dictator Bush decided to bypass the panel and order surveillance of
: U.S.-based terror suspects without the court\'s approval. A review of
: Justice Department reports to Congress shows that the 26-year-old
: Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court modified more wiretap
: requests from the Bush regime than from the four previous
: presidential administrations combined.

: Defense Lawyers in Terror Cases Plan Challenges Over Spy Efforts 28 Dec
: 2005 Defense lawyers in some of the country\'s biggest terrorism cases
: say they plan to bring legal challenges to determine whether the
: National Security Agency used illegal wiretaps against several dozen
: Muslim men tied to Al Qaeda.

: Bush\'s counsel on spying now under close scrutiny 27 Dec 2005 The
: current dispute over whether the pResident had the authority to order
: domestic spying without warrants, despite a law against it, has put
: new focus on the legal officials who have guided Bush. [Legal
: officials: Attorney General Alberto Gonzales; White House counsel
: Harriet E. Miers; prior to 2005, Gonzales was White House counsel and
: John Ashcroft was attorney general.]

: Secret surveillance up since 9/11 27 Dec 2005 Federal applications for a
: special U.S. court to authorize secret surveillance rose sharply
: after the September 11, 2001 attacks, and the panel required changes
: to the requests at a even greater rate, government documents show.

: In the Name of Homeland Security, Telecom Firms Are Deluged With
: Subpoenas 10 Apr 2002 Operating under new powers to combat terrorism,
: law enforcement agencies are making unprecedented demands on the
: telecommunications industry to provide information on subscribers,
: company attorneys say. These companies and Internet service providers
: face an escalating barrage of subpoenas for subscriber lists,
: personal credit reports, financial information, routing patterns that
: reveal individual computer use, even customer photographs.

: The Agency That Could Be Big Brother 25 Dec 2005 Originally created to
: spy on foreign adversaries, the N.S.A. [National Security Agency] was
: never supposed to be turned inward. Thirty years ago, Senator Frank
: Church, the Idaho Democrat who was then chairman of the select
: committee on intelligence, investigated the agency and came away
: stunned. \"That capability at any time could be turned around on
: the American people,\" he said in 1975, \"and no American
: would have any privacy left, such is the capability to monitor
: everything...\" He added that if a dictator [*Bush*] ever took
: over, the N.S.A. \"could enable it to impose total tyranny, and
: there would be no way to fight back.\"

: New Video Evidence Shows NYPD Covert Surveillance of Cyclists and
: Protests (democracynow.org interview) 27 Dec 2005 \"Newly
: released video tape shows what the New York Times describes as \'the
: robust presence of disguised officers\' since the Republican National
: Convention in August 2004.\"

: CIA Probes 10 Renditions of Terror Suspects 27 Dec 2005 The CIA\'s
: independent watchdog is investigating fewer than 10 cases where
: \'terror\' suspects may have been mistakenly swept away to foreign
: countries by the spy agency, a figure lower than published reports
: but enough to raise some concerns.

: White House Leaked Classified Intelligence to Make its Case for War By
: David Swanson 28 Dec 2005 \"A new report looks into instances in
: which the Bush Administration leaked classified information to
: support its case that Iraq was a threat to the United States. While
: that case was, of course, ridiculous and the information falsified,
: the leaking of it was illegal. And the leaks appear to have been part
: of a coordinated effort.\"

: The Hand-Over that Wasn\'t: How the Occupation of Iraq Continues By
: Antonia Juhasz July 2004 \"The most important tools being used by
: the Bush administration to maintain varying degrees of economic and
: political control in Iraq are the 100 Orders enacted by L. Paul
: Bremer, III, head of the now defunct Coalition Provisional Authority
: (CPA) before his departure. It was thought that the \'end\' of the
: occupation would also mean the end of the Orders. Instead, in his
: final Order enacted on his last day in the country, Bremer simply
: transferred authority for the Orders over to the new Prime Minister,
: Iyad Allawi... Bremer also ensured the implementation of the Orders
: by stacking every Ministry with U.S.-appointed authorities with
: five-year terms...\"

: What\'s happening to the Iraqi academics and intellectuals?
: (brusselstribunal.org) \"Many academics have been killed in Iraq
: since the American occupation began according to the Iraqi Union of
: University Lecturers. The most striking fact is that the majority of
: those killed where not scientists (thus targeted for the alleged
: knowledge of Iraq\'s weapon\'s programme) but were involved in field of
: humanities (such as law, geography and history). The motives for
: these assassinations are unknown.\" [Original link]

: White Phosphorous: The U.S. Used It; The U.S. Says It\'s Illegal By David
: Swanson 27 Dec 2005 \"The U.S. military used white phosphorous as
: a weapon in Fallujah, and the U.S. military says such use is illegal.
: That\'s one heck of a fog fact (Larry Beinhart\'s term for a fact that
: is neither secret nor known). This fact has appeared in an article in
: the Guardian (UK) and been circulated on the internet, but has just
: not interested the corporate media in the United States.\"

: Two U.S. pilots die in Baghdad helicopter crash 27 Dec 2005 Two U.S.
: pilots died in a helicopter crash in west Baghdad on Monday night,
: the U.S. military said on Tuesday.

: Disabled Veteran\'s Tribute Upsets Army Recruiters In Minnesota 27 Dec
: 2005 As those thinking of becoming soldiers arrive on the slushy
: doorstep of the Army recruiting station in Duluth, they cannot miss
: the message posted in bold black letters on the storefront next door.
: \"Remember the Fallen Heroes,\" the sign reads, and then it
: ticks off numbers - the number of American troops killed in Iraq, the
: number wounded, the number of days gone by since this war began.

: Coalition of the Bribed: Poland to Keep Troops in Iraq, Dropping Pullout
: Plan 27 Dec 2005 Poland\'s two-month-old government plans to keep
: soldiers in Iraq next year, countering the previous government\'s
: pledge to pull out of the U.S.-led operation by this week.

: Coalition of the Bribed, Part II: Poland ends CIA jail probe 27 Dec 2005
: Poland\'s government has closed its investigation into allegations
: that the country may have housed secret CIA prisons.

: Pro-War Group Takes to the Airwaves 28 Dec 2005 The television
: commercials are attention-grabbing: Newly found Iraqi documents show
: that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction, including
: anthrax and mustard gas, and had \"extensive ties\" to al
: Qaeda... The hard-hitting spots are part of a recent public-relations
: barrage aimed at reversing a decline in public support for pResident
: Bush\'s [mis]handling of Iraq. The advertisements are sponsored by
: Move America Forward, a media-savvy outside advocacy group that has
: become one of the loudest -- and most controversial -- voices in the
: Iraq debate.

: Guard Turns to Pizza, iTunes for Recruiting 26 Dec 2005 The Army
: National Guard thinks it has cooked up the right potion to cure its
: recruiting dilemma. A load of pizza, a heaping helping of NASCAR, and
: a dash of free MP3 downloads and video games -- plus some cash
: incentives -- are luring the next wave of part-time soldiers.

: Four US marines charged with rape 27 Dec 2005 Four US marines and a
: Filipino driver have been charged with raping a 22-year-old Filipina
: woman, prosecutors said today, in a case that has reopened old wounds
: in the former US colony.

: Bush\'s \'would-be assassin\' on hunger strike 28 Dec 2005 Vladimir
: Arutyunian, who faces life in prison for allegedly trying to
: assassinate visiting US Dictator George W Bush and Saakashvili at a
: huge rally in May and for killing a policeman in a shootout before
: his arrest, appeared with his mouth sewn shut in televised footage
: from his trial in a Tbilisi court. Arutyunian, whose trial began
: earlier this month, has acknowledged that he threw a grenade in the
: direction of the stage where Bush and Saakashvili were standing
: behind a bulletproof barrier and said that he would try again to kill
: Bush if he had the chance. [A thirty-nine cent blasting cap had
: caused the grenade to malfunction. People have compared that
: occurrence to the ball rolling through Bill Buckner\'s legs during
: Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, from the perspective of a Red Sox
: fan.]

: Media gagged over spy torture claim 28 Dec 2005 The Government (UK) has
: gagged the media to stop them revealing the identity of a British spy
: reported to have helped torture terror suspects held in Greece.

: Greece urged to investigate MI6 torture link 28 Dec 2005 The Greek
: government faced mounting pressure last night to investigate claims
: that a senior MI6 officer masterminded the arrest and torture of
: Pakistani immigrants in Athens by local intelligence agents after the
: July 7 London bombings.

: Venezuela Discloses US Plotting 26 Dec 2005 The disclosure that a US
: official attended a meeting to conspire against Venezuela
: corroborates the predictions that Washington intends to augment
: pressures against Caracas in 2006. According to the regional Telesur
: TV channel, a Peruvian-born major of the US Drug Enforcement
: Administration, whose surname is Thomas, recently met with former
: Venezuelan military coupists in Bogotб, Colombia.

: Democrats: DHS hasn\'t fulfilled promises 27 Dec 2005 The Homeland
: Security Department, created in response to the Sept. 11 terrorist
: attacks, has failed to fulfill 33 of its own pledges to better
: protect the nation, according to a report released Tuesday by House
: Democrats.

: Scientists recruit wasps for war on terror 26 Dec 2005 Scientists at a
: Georgia laboratory have developed what could be a low-tech, low-cost
: weapon in the war on [of] terrorism: trained wasps. [The wasps would
: likely be more effective than DHS.]

: New Orleans Police Videotaped Shooting, Killing Man 27 Dec 2005 Police
: officers shot and killed a man brandishing a knife in a confrontation
: that was partially videotaped by a bystander, setting off another
: internal investigation of the embattled department. Monday\'s daylight
: shooting was the first involving police since New Orleans reopened
: after Hurricane Katrina. It follows the videotaped police beating of
: a man that led to two firings in the department.

: New York Transit Union OKs Tentative Deal 28 Dec 2005 The executive
: board for the city\'s transit workers union approved a tentative new
: contract late Tuesday, five days after it ended a bus and subway
: strike.

: [Previous lead stories:] Lori Price responds to a rightwinger who says
: she will \'burn in hell\' 26 Dec 2005

: Bush is \'totalitarian\' --The Oakland Tribune --Big Brother is watching
: (The Oakland Tribune) 23 Dec 2005 \"We are fighting a war with no
: end to create a peace with no defined victory. We occupy a foreign
: land that doesn\'t want us, while at home our civil liberties are
: discounted. We are told that it\'s better not to know what our
: government is doing in our name, for security purposes. Meanwhile,
: our government is becoming omnipresent, spying on us whenever it
: deems it necessary. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is
: strength. George Orwell was right after all. In 1949, Orwell penned
: \'1984,\' a dark, futuristic satire in which the totalitarian
: government used indoctrination, propaganda and fear to enforce order
: and conformity... In America today, Big Brother is watching. He\'s
: watching because President [sic] Bush told him to. Shortly after
: 9/11, Bush secretly authorized warrantless wiretaps on U.S. citizens
: making or receiving international calls and e-mails. When it comes to
: fighting terror, Bush is totalitarian - remember, you\'re either with
: us or against us. Trust me to get it right, he says. Debate on the
: law is not only not needed, it\'s evil.\"

: U.S. Spying Is Much Wider, Some Suspect 25 Dec 2005 President [sic] Bush
: has acknowledged that several hundred targeted Americans were
: wiretapped without warrants under the National Security Agency\'s
: domestic spying program, and now some U.S. officials and outside
: experts say they suspect that the government is engaged in a far
: broader U.S. surveillance operation.

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