Ya Gone'n Stole Ma'fire

Ya Gone'n Stole Ma'fire
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Sunday, January 01, 2006 06:03 pm

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I was about to post this...and indeed I may so it appears somewhere other than at the stale end of a minor thread...We are going down. And it will not be very pretty. Why should the US pay for oil at the same price the world is paying per barell when they\'ve got enough of it here to drop the price. maybe its a good thing? I don\'t know about anything any more. Why are Canucks paying OPEC prices? We are not dependent upon outside oil...if...if we stopped selling ours to the US.
Needless to say, this New Moon has been quite interesting, everything is changing and thats the only constant I\'ve heard so we shall see what\'s coming up and how it all plays out. I\'ve got it in mind to pop a few yanqui bastards and wait for reincarnation rather than rolling over and playing dead!
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