Xtracting Oil dry humor *PIC*

Xtracting Oil dry humor *PIC*
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Friday, February 03, 2006 05:10 am

Oil the Earths magnetic field internal coolant and stabilizer, found in a car near you. Can the Earth recover from rape of its \"life blood\"? Of course. Nature has a way of self correcting. Extracting oil from Earth may, or may not, affect the magnetic field that keeps us spining on a predictable axis. However, if it DOES, the Earths reaction of internal heating, and new internal electro-manetic flow will simply find a new path of least resistence, thus, perhaps, hence, a NEW polar axis from SHIFT. Surely this was already thought of a long time ago by those oil companys so hell bent concerned with bringing us comfort and joy! Certainly they have been extracting Earths oil EVENLY to compensate for this well known electromagnetic phenomenom. This, thus HEATING us surface dwellers evenly without having to worry about EARTH going for a new spin AXIS.