X -Men

X -Men
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TNT MadDog
Monday, June 12, 2006 10:35 am

From The Las Vegas Review Journal Thursday June 8, 2006 Section E
Page 1

Pahrump[, NV] martial arts instructor Robert Duncan O\'Finioan claims
he spent his youth as a member of an X-Men like squad called
Project Talent, a government funded group that trained children
with paranormal gifts.

O\'Finioan says he has catlike reflexes and can teleport
himself across rooms, knock someone over with his
energy force and even walk through walls. But he uses
his powers only in life or death situations.

O\'Finioan claims he was taken from his Kentucky home to
practice paranormal skills alongside hundreds of other children,
many of whom are still in hiding.

At the end of it, the X-Men movies aren\'t that far
off from what really happened, O\'Finioan says.