Why The Baby

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BBS Radio logo Why The Baby

Originally in 2004 BBS Radio began out of a small apartment in Houston, Texas under the name Bloginservice.com, a blog in service to others. It was meant to be a forum to allow people to express their concerns and desires. The United States was heading into a strange place after the attacks on September 11, 2001 and by 2003 we were already writing opinionated blogs on world events, while working as co-founders of Lamas, Inc., an all natural cosmetics company. Instinctively we knew, many of these conversations were extremely valuable, and a friend, Wynn Free (a current host on BBS Radio) asked that we try and record the conversations. This dynamically gave rise to evermore rewarding outcomes, which allowed our enlightened friends and knowledgeable human beings a world-wide platform to voice their concerns, empower others, and ultimately bring about change.

What started as a simple blog morphed into live internet talk radio broadcasting. In 2005 Dr. Fred Bell, Wynn Free, Nancy Lieder and Donald Newsom were the first four broadcasters to stream live over the world wide web, via our organically constructed, one-of-a-king audio production studios, designed to facilitate the world's first remotely engineered live internet talk radio programs. Only one other company remotely engineered internet talk radio besides us at that time!

In 2005 we changed the name of our company to BBS Radio after acquiring the domain BBSRadio.com. The main reason we wanted to use that name was the fact that the BBS acronym was the original precursor to the WWW acronym, acronyms which stood for the new global electronic communication medium, the Internet. The Bulletin Board System was the original start to the World Wide Web and we considered ourselves hardcore Originalists. We therefore adopted the name and enjoyed the fact that it was also an acronym for Blogin Broadcasting Service, a phrase created simply by adding the word 'broadcasting' within the domain name we were using prior, Bloginservice.com.

Our first attempts at a logo consisted of either crude baby images or various Buddha images. We didn't have a set mark and couldn't decide whether we were going to go with a Buddha icon, Baby icon, or a combination thereof.

In 2006 we incorporated the company and began conceptualizing a permanent and identifying mark. We wanted a logo, an icon image that identified with BBS Radio. Ultimately, we hired Peter Lamas' son, Adam, to do the artwork and graphic banners. A very creative man that we knew could do the job. We asked Adam to develop this new logo using the qualities of a baby, a Buddha, and energy radiating out of the third eye, similar to the animated flash artwork he had previously created for BBS Network, Inc. Adam came to us with the perfect image, that of a radiating purple baby with radio headgear. Thus, we currently find ourselves with the purple baby, one we nicknamed Baby-S.

Why Purple

Adam chose the perfect color, purple, which is identified with higher states of human awareness and consciousness. A baby is born in a joyous, blissful and often purple state. A beautiful creation that is innocent, honest, original and supremely important. Marrying the symbol of a baby to the color purple was a statement by the network, that we believe in the future of mankind and we wish to help build a better world for our children, with wholesome entertainment, news and education that will spark imaginations, ignite passions and facilitate change!

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