****We have received word from Don and Doug Newsom at BBS Radio - They escaped the fire! BUT They need our help**** *LINK*

****We have received word from Don and Doug Newsom at BBS Radio - They escaped the fire! BUT They need our help**** *LINK*
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Monday, November 12, 2018 04:30 pm

They have lost everything. How horribly sad!
I am sure they won\'t mind if I post this to the TNT......

Dear friends, BBS Radio Listeners, former hosts and loved one,

Donald and I, and our family, found out on Saturday evening, our home, our
business, and everything we ever owned, collected or built has been destroyed
by the California Camp fire that almost completely obliterated the town of
Paradise, CA. We barely managed to escape the all consuming fires. We didn\'t
even have a chance to grab necessary documents or clothing. It is tragic and
a very emotional time for us. We were on the very cusp of taking BBS Radio to
the next level of it\'s development, something which took all our efforts and
resources. As you all know, we completed everything over 2 years to become
Gov\'t contractors, to be able to accept money by various agencies that wished
to advertise on BBS Radio. We wanted to be the ones to bring the advertiser
to our hosts. We also were just approved by iHeart to be a 24 hour station
stream on their network. We also had our Company syndicating our live 24 hour
station streams to almost 70 of the largest networks on the planet. We also
did all the research to prove our standing in the industry. We were set to
grow to levels far beyond what other companies in this industry were capable
of, and we were excited about the future, and for future of our hosts.

The fire and our losses have created a roadblock, which will result in some
down time, but IT WILL NOT STOP US from reaching our goals, to empower the
world and change as many lives as possible in a positive and meaningful way.
Our hosts DESERVE the best platform in the world to reach as many people as
possible with their knowledge, love and positive energies. And we will not
let you down!

We have already moved forward, going into further debt, as far as possible,
to acquire all the necessary equipment to be back in operations within a
couple of weeks, but the costs of this endeavor, the costs to survive, with
food, shelter, clothing and the purchase of equipment is beyond our current
capabilities. We wish we could, without help, but we literally have nothing,
and we don\'t know how much longer we can go on, before the situation becomes
too dire.

Sam, the owner and founder of LA Talk Radio, kindly set up a GO FUND ME
account for us! And we are eternally grateful! It brought us to tears to
think that others cared so much for our well-being, they offered help, even
without being asked. Donald and I feel so much love from so many beautiful
spirits, family and friends, it\'s overwhelming! The community around us,
their support, the offers of assistance, the kindness and love by everyone,
the words of encouragement at this time, are so well intentioned, it can\'t
help but make us emotional, humbled and thankful. Our society is without
question, built on love and kindness at its core, and we have been blessed
to witness this, here and now, and words are not enough to express our deep
and heart felt appreciation.


Please, if you can find it in your heart, please help us raise some money so
we can get through this situation over the next 60 days and be able to
rebuild. It may take months to be back at 100% capability, but we can be in
limited operations within a couple of weeks. If we can manage this, it would
enable us to move forward to ultimately be bigger, stronger and better than
ever before. It is so important to keep moving forward, as our network
touches so many lives, million and millions, and that is worth more to us
that anyone could possible know, and it is the reason we will walk through
the fires to keep moving forward, regardless of the costs to ourselves. We
have lost everything, but possessions are meaningless. It is BBS Radio, our
hosts, and their good works that ultimately have the real value. We can and
will move forward, even if at the end of the day, we never have anything to
call our own, because, in truth, we have everything that matters, the love of
our community, our family and friends, our hosts and the lives of everyone
BBS Radio touches.

Please help us, by sharing the gofundme link, and posting it to all your
social sites, facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc.. even on your websites if
possible. Please, if you have the means, donate. Donald and I have never
asked for help. It\'s hard to do, especially when you want so much to give,
and when there are so many other people in need, but alas, we don\'t know what
else to do, and we don\'t want to see BBS Radio fade away. It would destroy
us more than any fire could possibly do! Please share the gofundme link and
ask those you know to also share it.


With infinite love, well wishes, and deep thanks,

Douglas Newsom, Donald Newsom, (and family - Melissa, Sean, John, Tom and
Kayleigh Newsom)


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