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Creative Cosmos
Sunday, August 14, 2005 03:12 pm

Even as the political situation disintegrates, the cosmic community coagulates. The end of the Old World is taking place right alongside the beginning of the new. Looking elsewhere for the occurrence simply shows that the seeker has yet to realize the happening is here and now. There is no other place and time. 90% of the Souls who have ever been are once again alive in this era to witness a momentous event in human evolution.

We can call it the dawning of the Age of Aquarius or the Ascension into Universal Humanity. We can call it Spiritual Awakening or Meditative Enlightenment. Whatever name we ascribe to it, it is essentially Self-Awareness empowering Individuals to take over conscious creative control of their own destiny by connecting to the Source through the Soul. In this way Man’s Will and God’s Will become one and the blueprint for Existence becomes actualized. Those who think they have higher priorities residing in worldly affairs have grossly misunderstood the purpose and underestimated the significance of being on Earth.

When wrapped up in the details of personal ambition, to look outside of self-identity at the truth of being on a planet in outer space seems too inconvenient. To consider your impending death….that’s downright morbid! Or is it? What else is going to keep the razor’s edge of Life in your Mind? Nothing crystallizes this tremendous gift of opportunity better than to realize that it will be gone one day. Shirking hesitation for exaltation, you become free to dive into yourself and release your natural talents.

The better you are, the better everything in your life will be. When work is necessary it can be done with a calmness and originality that wasn’t there before. Relationships will become nourished by validations that are no longer left unsaid. Love no longer rests upon the shelf but becomes an everyday thing. The more you give the more you get in return. This is the Law of Abundance. The more miserly one acts, the poorer will be their spirit when the decrepit body finally returns to dust.

A clarion call is not nearly loud enough to reach ears that have been sleeping for lifetimes. If I could personally look into everyone’s eyes and give them exactly what they need I would be happy to do so. Often this is not what the person thinks they need. The road home goes through the thorniest territory. When the horrible reality of the cage is first looked at, it is likely that the grumpy sleeper will blame the messenger. That is why the messenger has to be skilled at delivering the goods.

It is old news that Christianity is full of hypocrisy and its reptilian rituals were organized in Board Rooms, not in Heaven. Of course we all know that the loser in every war is Evil and the winner Benevolent, right? Nations with their borders exist everywhere don’t they? Just look at that big black line floating in the sky between Canada and the U. S. Where does that crazy thing come from? Well, we all know we have to protect what’s ours. Let’s just get this over with, “MINE, MINE, MINE!” Once again we see that George Harrison was slipping us a gem, “All through your life, I Me Mine…..”

Spoiled children don’t deserve the Kingdom of God. Holding onto misery they cry, “Why won’t He let me in?” The door has always been open. The punishment humans feel has been given to them by each other, not God. Take responsibility and stop whining. It is not such a big deal. The impossible will only become possible if you believe it to be so. Miracles happen every second of every day. Where have you been?

C. Moors, Pearly Gates Press