Wake up sweet souls of light divine

Wake up sweet souls of light divine
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Friday, January 06, 2006 11:03 am

I hope this message finds all of you well today.
i wanted to speak for a moment in time about BE-ing OF light divine
this is WHO WE ARE
One, all of IT., this is what we are waking up too

as we gently wake up., (trust me., sometimes not so gently.,) we are realizing one truth
everyone, no matter who it may be, needs to be \"OFF THE HOOK\"

aLL that we see, all that we feel, is in our \"face\" so to say for only one purpose.,

to bless it., to allow it., to know that every soul that shows up now in our space is there for a reason.,

some to help learn to teach them about love., and many more to see them as a direct reflection of what we need to heal in ourselves.

for me., it was a significant person in my life who was reflecting back to me everything i could have ever thought possible that i needed to own that at some point in my lives (all inclusive)
I needed to own and forgive myself for and then give it to the light, in my case the HOLY SPIRIT., TO DISSOLVE THOSE SHADOWS IN TO THE LIGHT.

Can you imagine, everone here is just playing out their part in the dream of returning home.

I notice alot of messages here about the darkness of the president., on and on and on

Yes., I am sure it is true., yet what have we learned that darkness is., all part of God.,
all part of Gods plan to bring us home,
to awaken.

instead of reading these and letting your negative thoughts make these happenings more of a reality.,
as you read and here these things.,
bless him with the light that \"you are\"
he is only a reflection of much negative thought forms we have been sending out for eons.

Try blessing him and thanking him for his part.,

and then watch what shows up in your life.

Give it a try

my love to you all