Wake up Call: St. Germain Oct 20, 05 *LINK*

Wake up Call: St. Germain Oct 20, 05 *LINK*
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TNT MadDog
Thursday, October 20, 2005 08:48 pm


Wakeup Call Message
October 20, 2005

Hi Everyone,

I’d like to share with you the dream I had last night. It was a happy dream, one that left me feeling good and peaceful. In this dream I was in my home somewhere in the wilderness, when people began to visit. These people were slightly familiar to me, and I realized they were distant relatives from my father’s side whom I hadn’t seen for many years, and then maybe only once for a short time.

They were bearing gifts for me, gifts of clothing that were used, but that were in excellent shape, and very high quality. I have a sense too of other kinds of gifts, though I don’t recall what they were. These family members came first in a group of 6-9 people, then in a few more groups of 2-3, all from long ago in my remembrance.

I don’t usually have dreams that give me this message. This I feel is the first one that signals to me that it is a prophetic dream, a portend of times to come. And because it is now, I feel that it tells of something that is soon to happen.

Look at the main points to this: Long forgotten family of my Father, bearing gifts of clothing, things to wear that represent fine adornment, of richness and value. These clothes also represent all the identities I have assumed through the lifetimes. Then look at the peaceful and loving feelings throughout.



Wake up Call: St. Germain Oct 20, 05

My children and dear family, I have a tale to tell and I will tell it now rather than later when it will be old news. I AM St. Germain and I have news in the form of a story. This will curl the cockles of your soul and tickle your fancy.

Once upon a time there was a peoples who all shared in the wealth of a mighty benefactor. This benefactor saw that the peoples were weary and ready for a rest. They had labored long and hard, and they had given up much freedom and joy for the promise they made to each other and to their Creator.

One day a group of soldiers came along and they found that the battle they were to have fought had been canceled due to rain. The showers that pelted all around brought not drops of water, but particles of light that upon contact rendered the soldiers and all they touched to turn to light and to sing the tones of love and freedom.

As this tune rang forth the rest of the land and the peoples on it took heed and followed the lead of the soldiers. They marched into battle and came upon the same clouds spewing forth the liquid gold light.

One by one, two by two the peoples found their lives to be transformed and to have new meaning. They found that the original promise they had made was giving way to the Creator and he was tossing it back to them stamped DONE AND READY FOR THE GOLD.

This gave the peoples newfound faith in what they had been told so long ago. They realized that the pipedream that had for so long been but a mere shadow was now fully in the light, and was giving them back what they had reaped in that long ago time.

As the peoples gathered and compared their bounty with the rest of their family, they found that their stories were slightly different in content, though they all rang with the same result, that of a fully open heart and mind, and with their memory intact.

As the days went by their world changed. They found that the light was infiltrating every particle of life on their land. They found that anything that before was irritating now sang with joy and rapture. They found that every time they took another step it was to the tinkle of bells and the sweet strains of harp music, the kind of harp that is found in heaven and that sings so purely of light.

These peoples no longer lived in fear, they lived in light and love and they found their world to be enlarging. They found that with a thought they could be in the cosmos sailing through the stars and heading for the moon in an instant of light.

They found that as they approached a stream or an ocean the water glistened and smelled of sweet honey and was tinged with a touch of gold. They found that as they attained the top of a mountain the breeze licked their faces and gave them a sweetness that refreshed and enlivened. As they walked through the forests, he trees sang and whispered to them of their undying love and gratitude for standing by and allowing them their lives.

One day the peoples all gathered and sang out their song of joy. They gathered together and thanked the Creator for the promise he had made to them. This was that when their game was over and the time was nigh for the blessings of reward, there would be a wondrous happening, and with that wonder would come the blessing of eternal life. They knew this was that time, and as they looked to the heavens they saw a huge clock signaling to them the time of the Eternal Now, 2006.

Yes, my dear ones, that is the time in which all comes together and the Eternal Now begins. That is the timetable by which all is encumbered by light, and the free-flow of destiny wends it way to the Promised Land. That is the year in which the slide into the light of truth begins to reap the rewards and to scrub clean the earth and all her peoples. That is the beginning of the refreshing restoration, and you all will be here to participate, as is justified in heaven, as it is on earth.

How do you like my tale? Do you recognize it; is it familiar? It is your tale, my dear ones for you wrote it and you played it out in song and in script. This is your curtain call, and now is the final act as the players come forward and spill the beans and tell of the times and deeds that wrought the conclusions that are about to unfold.

Sit back in your seats and enjoy the final act, for it is the piece de resistance that will bring the curtain down and render the thunderous applause that brings on the celebration all over the land.

Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate