Wake up Call: St. Germain Nov 29, 05 *LINK*

Wake up Call: St. Germain Nov 29, 05 *LINK*
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TNT MadDog
Tuesday, November 29, 2005 08:07 pm

Wake up Call: St. Germain Nov 29, 05

My dear ones, this is a day of forward looking. This is a day in which we are all one hundred percent behind you in all that you do and say. This is a day in which we see the intricacies of life unfold in the various avenues presented through the messages and the activities of all of you on earth. We are reveling in the song, for we see the perfection in all of it.

I AM St. Germain, and I come to you this day on the heels of yet another barrage of messages that belie the facts and assuage the greed of certain parties in the world. These messages give tales of woe and indecision, and in them people are taken to explore further their own abilities of discernment.

I once came upon a bevy of papers that spoke through the words written of many things. They spoke of deceit and slander among a chosen few. They spoke of brevity and courage among still others. These words all came from the same sources, yet they came at differing times in that source’s life.

Upon the presentation of these papers to certain authorities representing the Divine truth, I made certain that there was no mis-representation of any of the material, and declared it to be as I had found it.

This caused me to pause and see the words in a new way. As I considered the response of the authorities to what I had in my own way responded, I considered that perhaps they would see the words in a different way from how I had seen them. This caused me to reconsider giving them to the authorities at all.

As I ruminated on this, I considered that in the way that I had come to judgment, I had clouded the meaning of the words. Further upon giving them over to the authorities, being of purity, I was going to give them also my opinion of the words.

So I cleared my thoughts of the judgment, and then I once again reviewed the words. I found in that light, quite a different meaning to them. I found a new understanding of what had been represented, and from that new understanding I gave the papers over in an air of neutrality.

This brought about a wholly different meaning to the authorities, for they now saw them without the cloud of judgment on them. They saw what was in neutrality and in that they were able to see the value to the words. They came to agreement right away with what the words contained and how they were to utilize their message.

This caused the history of the united State of America to take a completely different momentum from what it could gave. This caused the fulfillment of certain documents that have represented the united States of America for well over two hundred years, though they have been represented in a far different way than had been originally presented.

My dear ones, there were those who came after the first ones of authority who responded to the words as I had at the first. I had given the words the cloudiness of judgment, and so too did others along the way. Had I seen these words at first in purity, there would not have been the coming forth of the energy of judgment surrounding these words.

I am telling you now that the Constitution and as well the Declaration of Independence came into my hands in that far away time, and I, in my purposed plan gave energy to this judgment. I set the precedent by which this could come about, for with this step in the broader plan there is coming together the explosive evidence of the duplicity of the authorities of the day.

We would not be living this series of events in this day if it were not for the Divinely inspired touch I brought upon these papers. If this judgment had not come and clouded these words, there could not be this change in the direction of humankind away from Armageddon as was prophesied in certain interpretations of the Bible, and we would not now be writing history as it is represented in the evolution of man as Divine humans who are about to undergo what no man before has done. That is, to be destined to remain on earth while attaining the lightbody that has been decreed by The Creator.

You see how divinely our steps are orchestrated. What seems on one hand to be wrong, or right, is simply a step in the plan of life. What brings judgment and concern may be but another way of perception, and to be honored for the step it is on bringing humanity to the truth of the Ages.

As we walk through this life and find ourselves at every turn in the road with a decision to make, we do so with the authority of the blessed. We do so with an intent that can bring the house down, or allow it to stand for further representation. This is our choice.

Take yourself into this new day with the authority of purity, and see your life unfold in honor and strength. Allow the truth of pure thoughts to wend its way into your heart and soul and render all bright and clear. This is the way of the master, and you are the master of your life, in God and with the purest of hearts.

I bid you a fond adieu, and bon voyage on your journey.

Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate

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