Wake up Call: St. Germain Jan 06, 06 *LINK*

Wake up Call: St. Germain Jan 06, 06 *LINK*
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Friday, January 06, 2006 10:39 am

Wake up Call: St. Germain Jan 06, 06

My good and dear ones of planet earth I AM here on this day to remind you of a promise that you made to yourselves long ago. That promise was to find the deepest part of you and see it as God. That promise was to take that deepest part of you that is God and expand it to include all of yourself. That promise is being fulfilled right now as I speak, and I AM reveling in the sight. I AM St. Germain, and I speak for all of us here in the heavens as we observe the movements you make to expand your universe.

Allow me to explain some of the results of your expansion. One of them is that you are creating an aura around your beloved planet earth that resembles the rainbows that dance on your walls and ceilings as the sun plays with the facets of the prisms that hang in your windows. There is one difference in this color stream that is forming around earth and that is that it is ever-changing in the sequence of the expression of the colors. That is to say that as your love language reaches a crescendo, so too do the colors in sequence. They interchange with each other according to the interchanges that you make with each other.

This is a lively, and wondrous sight for our eyes. It speaks of the expressions that you are creating and the enslavement that is being released from your fields. As more and more of your inner being is released for communication with the rest of humanity, the language of the spheres is in resonance with you.

Another result of your expansion is the ability you have to bring your experience to bear in the journeys you make to the other realms in your sleep time. There is a decided difference in the manner in which you transport yourself from realm to realm, for that is what you are doing. You are expanding your time travel and in that way you are opening up more avenues through which you will be expressing as the times go on into and beyond your ascension.

This is a wonderful development, and one we have surmised may happen. Now we see that this indeed is what is taking place, and this proves to us that the mathematical relevancy that we had seen in potential is indeed valid. It is a scientific (to use your terminology) reality that the universe is based on the frequency of numerology. All is based in numbers, further than your present understanding of numerology has developed. Even as you are awakening to the middle school of numbers, in some cases, you are creating the examples of the high school and college of that science. This is indeed a step toward conscious Mastership for you.

One more thing that you are accomplishing is to see the deeper meaning of what transpires when you see the meaning of the sequence of time. You are being able to see that time can be sequential and it can be simultaneous in its pure state all at the same time. You are beginning to experience in your awake time that simultaneous time is all there is, and that within that is the ability to use and explore the interesting concepts borne from simultaneous time.

This can open up a whole new door for you, one that can lead you to the mirrors of the universe. In so doing you will be able to see into the past and know it to be determining to an extent what your Now is and even what your future will be. You already know this to a degree, now you are beginning to see how to mold that and to use that knowledge to your advantage in a very real way now.

Go ahead and play with that for a while. See if what you think of in the next moment from your past coincides with what your present moment tells you. Then address the possible future of that thought and see how it can be determined by your intent. In other words, with your intent to see the full picture of something, you can call those thoughts to you that will open up the viewfinder for the complete picture.

Using your intent in a solid way, with gratitude for what it has already brought you, is a sure fire way to gain the manifestation of all that you intend. This is one of the things that your expanding awareness is giving you. You will be able to call for the clues from your past concerning any issue you wish to address, and find the relevancy to the outcome that is contained in the complete picture.

Isn’t this what you have been striving for? Isn’t this what you know is coming into your awareness. Now you know that you have it already; it is a matter of looking at, calling for the complete picture in the set of thoughts and realizations that come from simultaneous time. I know that you can do it. I know that for some of you all you need do is know that is so and it will be there. You may feel that a bit of practice is necessary before you have it down pat, and in that I say have fun with it, play with it and pat yourself on the back every time you know you have gained ground.

Look at the lessons that you have learned. Look at the mountains you have climbed and look at the trails you have traversed and come to the perfect place upon arrival. This is the place in which miracles are born. This is the place in which lives are enriched beyond compare. This is the total of all that you could ever experience contained in one little nutshell. See this truth, my dear ones, for you are living examples of the strength of taking the steps and realizing the dream.

I commend you and I cheer for your ability to see that which you have created, for it is at your fingertips and in your soul. Take the opportunity to congratulate yourselves and know that you are sound and solid in purpose and ability to manifest. Take your mastership to the stars and rest with them on the rainbow that encircles the earth, for it is yours.

Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate

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You are the promise that you bring to yourselves. Master Sananda Kumara

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