Wake up Call: St. Germain Feb 01, 06 *LINK*

Wake up Call: St. Germain Feb 01, 06 *LINK*
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Wednesday, February 01, 2006 01:23 pm

Wake up Call: St. Germain Feb 01, 06

My dear ones, there is something that I would like to address this day. This is a subject that has been banded about and brought to an audience in good cheer and also in bad taste. I now would like to appoint a new energy to this subject, and call it neutral. Good day, I AM St. Germain and with this opening I ask that you bring to this transmission an air of acceptance and neutrality, for with that there can be a clearer understanding of what I say.

Long ago there came upon this earth a band of beings from another planet. These ones came with the express purpose of bringing a new dispensation to earth that would bring about the idea that all people are in the dark and that that state of mind is the natural way of being.

They set about a mission to cloak their agenda and to render all of the earth in their care. They devised ways in which to coerce the ones with whom they came in contact and in so doing they brought together a larger band of followers than had been on any of the other planets that they had conquered. That is because this planet earth was already well established in the energy of duality and this made the people ripe for this enslavement.

Upon bringing these shadows upon the people there was a decided difference in the way that the governance of the people evolved. First was the overthrow of the right to bear arms and the ability to rule oneself through the submissiveness of the little people. Yes, even in those days the right to bear arms was an issue. People had found that the need to defend themselves was keen, and what they did not see was that this condition had been brought about by these beings from off planet.

As the rights of the people slowly disintegrated and the hold on them became tighter and tighter, there arose a cloud above the people that they could not see, but that was very firmly in place. It was a cloud of deception and of suppression so impactful that the people could not see their own light anymore. They knew that they were in a state of longing, though they knew not what they longed for.

What they longed for was their freedom. They longed for the old days when they could walk in the light and make decisions and movements according to the moment’s inspiration. This wasn’t a conscious longing, or a conscious identity of what had happened to them. It was a way of being that forever in those days went without understanding. This was a state of numbing down that perpetrated the identity of ‘sheep’.

Does this sound familiar to you? Did you realize that this was a state of being that existed back then? Do you look through your known history and see a pattern? As well you might, you are seeing a form of the holographic universe that you reside in. You are seeing the ultimate patterning that has plagued this planet since the first time of another idea about life and the expression of The Source on this planet.

Now compare this bit of history with what is taking place today. See how it has come round in a series of patterns to render the energy as it is today. This is an energy that has been established through repeated revolutions, and that is on its last revolution. Now is the time when the changing energies are present, and the noose around the planetary influence has been released.

Yes, my dear ones. This is the time when only one thing remains before the whole idea of duality is gone forever. That one thing is the expulsion of the dark idea from the center of the earth. Gaia has been engaged in this expunging for some time now, and she is doing this with the directives from The Source. She is following the direct guidance from the center of the universal energy and with its direction she is ferreting out all of the old ideas of how to live and how to be on planet earth.

You too are doing that right along with Gaia. You too are expunging all those eons of old patterning from your fields in order to be receptive to the new ideas of the New Golden Age. You are opening your field in freedom and the security that knowing your Godness can bring. No longer does the insecurity and vulnerability that guided your steps lead you down the road to destruction. No longer are you guided by fear.

When you look around you and you see what is taking place in the world, you might say, how can that be, I see nothing but chaos and killing? I say look deeper, look at what lies behind the pillage and the mayhem. I say look into the eyes of God and see what is there for you to hold on to. I say that you are larger than what your illusionary world looks like. You can create the life that represents love and light. You are the potential for peace and freedom. You are all that is.

Saying goodbye to the old ways means seeing them as mere shadows that contain no substance. When you look at the world and don’t like what you see, look again and see the light in everything that you gaze upon. See the love that shines forth from those who give their lives in order to set others free. When I say freedom, I refer to more than one country free from another. It is freedom from all that holds one back from the fulfillment of ones dreams.

Take some time this day my dear ones to see behind the illusion. See what is really in the world, and know that it represents the light in each and every person who walks this earth. Know that as you see that beauty, you place a light in your path by which you can see a bit clearer where to go from here. You shine a beacon for others when you shine it first for you. You place a wreath upon the door of justice and you find the way to be easy and complete.

Go now into your day and remember that there is no way that you have to live in a world of unrest. You can find your own calm and your own peace and joyfulness right where you stand at this moment. As you fill each moment with your light, you create a beautiful world, and you do it in the image of God. We love and respect you, and we kneel at your feet as you come and put your arms around our light.

Thank you dear Master St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate

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