Wake up Call: St. Germain Dec 29, 05 *LINK*

Wake up Call: St. Germain Dec 29, 05 *LINK*
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Thursday, December 29, 2005 03:08 pm

Wake up Call: St. Germain Dec 29, 05

My dear ones, where are you this morning? Where are you spending your time? Are you holed up in a blanket against the cold, or are you fully awake and basking in the tropical early morning sun? Wherever you are, you are in heaven. I AM St. Germain, and I AM with you here.

Heaven is what you make of where you are. Heaven is a state of mind; it is a place of bliss. You can be there at any moment in your perception, at any time of day and in any setting that you choose. You are always in God’s heaven and God always sees you in that light.

As you go about your day’s activities you choose from moment to moment how your heaven looks. You choose how it feels and how it treats you. You are the creator of your heaven, and you are the author of your story. You come round the bend and you see the stars of your heaven as surely as you see the sun. You stock your heaven with the miracles of nature and you perceive the effect they have on you.

Isn’t it time to create in earnest that which you intend for your life? Wouldn’t you say that it is time for you to turn the wishes into manifestation? Is the cry of gratitude on the tip of your tongue, awaiting the acceptance of the gifts? I see you in readiness and I know you are but a breath away from all that you ever desired and intended for your life. I know this for it is that close and you are that ready.

Come now and take a small journey with me. Throw aside that comforting blanket and step into the day with a flourish and a fling to heaven. This is the moment of your forgiveness, the forgiveness of all that has come before that you have considered to be in lack and limitation. Now is the time to stride forth and accept that, which is right before your very eyes.

Take that step toward freedom and know that you create the journey. Turn that corner, go into the store, see that publisher and dare to ask for the impossible. See that there is a chance for the miracle and then claim it. Step into the fantasy and bring it into your reality. Think about it; that is how you have accomplished the miracles you’ve received thus far in your life.

Who gave you that new piece of clothing that you admired? You stepped into the store and tried it on. You felt the fabric, you admired the cut of style; you noted the perfect fit. You acquired the means by which to purchase that clothing. You took each step it takes to get to that moment in that store where you made the exchange of goods for goods.

Does that sound like a miracle to you? Or does that sound like everyday stuff, the mettle of humdrum? How did you get from that moment of walking out of that store, bundle in hand, back to the moment of acquisition? Did someone walk up and give you your life, your home, your livelihood, your money, your accoutrements of life?

Or did you create them in your life? Did you make the decisions and follow your intuition, your guidance? Did you not utilize the opportunities along the way that came through other creation people such as you? Now tell me how is what you desire and intend for your life any different from what you desired and intended for your life in the past and are now a part of your life?

Remember, there is no time in creation in the etheric. It is all right there at the moment. As soon as you have the thought it is manifested in the etheric. That is where the piece of clothing was in the instant before you saw it in the window. Do you realize that that piece of clothing looks just a bit different to someone else? Another person sees it in their own way, they perceive it differently.

Case in point; a roomful of artists paints a scene in a roomful of different ways. You have seen or heard of this. When you saw that clothing you saw what you like, what you recognized, for in your etheric body you had created and seen it in the instant of manifestation into the physical. The next step for you in the creation process was to take the steps toward taking it in a bundle out of the store.

Remember this the next time you decide to acquire something, to do something, to create something in your life. As soon as you have the thought it is created in the etheric, and your perception in a next moment is that you desire this. That is because you have already seen it manifested in your etheric world. Recognition has told you it is yours.

With that in mind, the next time you come upon something that you like, that you desire and intend for your life, know that it is already yours and that the means by which to bring it into physicality is at your disposal. Tune in and walk forward in the steps it takes to bring it to you.

I see you in heaven every moment. I see you creating every move that you make. You are the reflection of God in that every moment for God is within you. Bring that Godness into the manifestation and you will never feel lack or limitation again. The world is yours, for you have created it in God’s name.

Go into this day with love and gratitude for you are in heaven, and I AM right there alongside you, basking in your Light, and loving you.

Thank you dear St. Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate

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