Wake up Call: Santa Claus Dec 12, 05 *LINK*

Wake up Call: Santa Claus Dec 12, 05 *LINK*
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Monday, December 12, 2005 11:57 am

Wake up Call: Santa Claus Dec 12, 05

My dear ones, it is a pleasure to be with you once more on this day of days. It is a kind thing that you do to give me berth to deliver my message to you. This is an auspicious time in your world for in this time is a great charade of events that seeks to hide the love and the joy that sits in everyone’s heart awaiting the stimuli that will release it and send it forth to every man, woman and child on this planet earth.

I am your trusted servant and brethren the soul protector of all that is Holy. I travel through this galaxy and beyond bringing good cheer to all who come into my field. I am better known as the one you call Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, Kris Kringle, and on this day I bring to you the bearings of good cheer and the blessings of the universe.

You do not know me in this way, for there is another name that ascends with me. This name is Asfor, and this name is Conten, depending where in the galaxy I AM. Those who know me know that I bring good cheer and benevolence to all.

This Christmas season I bring to you a story. This story has passed through the generations and has been embellished a bit by the fantasy and imagination of plenty who hear it. This story tells of a Christ Child who came to earth and represented the hope and promise of a new way of being that exemplified the Source, the All, God in the highest. This story is what set its heels in my presence, and I fly through the universe and spread the words of your coming Christmas and the progress you have made to the ultimate living of the story.

You on earth all know the story. What you may not realize is that all of the galaxy and the universe do as well. This story was born with the intent to create the beauty of new birth. This story came about in the coffers of the Universal mind, and was delivered though the universal vessel that you could say resembles the sleigh and eight reindeer of your earth story.

How do you think this part of the story came about? Was it fabricated through someone’s wild imagination, or perhaps with the vision of the one who saw it happen? Why can it not be both? Why indeed. This is the result of what actually happened. This is a metaphor for the arrival of the Christ child to Mary and Joseph on that bleak, yet glorious night.

Remember the North Star, and how brightly it led the way to the manger? This star wasn’t just any star lighting up the night. It was a star planet, a starship, one that comes round to lend its influence for the evolvement of man. This star brought a promise of love and courage to the people of earth. This star was bound for glory and is living up to that promise as it comes round and gives you the remains of its promise in the heavens.

What does this knowledge of that star mean to you? It means the reunion of earth with the family of origin. It means that upon that star/planet/ship many of your family are preparing for this reunion, this feast of love and celebration of the unitedness of the Family of Gods.

As this beacon of light makes its transit through the sky it keeps the path straight and sure. It knows its course for it is well-traveled. It is keeping this date with destiny, and in this destiny lays the freedom of The Source of all there is. There is no brighter star in the heavens, and as it comes into view once more the jubilation will resound throughout the universe, and the truth will be realized by all on earth.

As I prepare for this coming, and as you all prepare for the coming celebration of the birth of the Christ in every child of God, we rejoice and follow the course of our soul. We find the common denominator and follow it to the ultimate conclusion. We shine forth our light for all to see, and in that we are a beacon for all to find their way to the Christ.

Isn’t it a glorious thing when once more the tale is told? Isn’t it a wondrous thing to share the love and the promise with the entire universe? I see the light shine forth from every being with whom I share this story. As the time approaches and the days grow short on earth, the message resounds throughout the galaxy and the universe ringing the bells for another sojourn through time and space in the expression of the birth of the Christ on earth, as it is in Heaven.

I sail through the universe and I spread the word of the coming, and I see you all loving and rejoicing with the coming times. Take a moment now and tune in to the story of the birth of the Christ, for it will bring you to a splendid place. Keep this place strong and sure in your hearts and you will see the North Star as surely as those of long ago found their Christ Light and followed it to their destination. Know that I look upon you in love and rejoicing, sending my gifts of abundance to all in my heart. I love and cherish you all, for you are the reason for my being. We are indeed One.

Thank you dear Santa Claus,

Love, Nancy Tate

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