Wake up Call: Sananda Nov 30, 05 *LINK*

Wake up Call: Sananda Nov 30, 05 *LINK*
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TNT MadDog
Thursday, December 01, 2005 05:58 pm

Wake up Call: Sananda Nov 30, 05

It would please me to see all of you involved in the delightful times that guarantee joy and peace in your lives for the rest of your lives. It would please me to see that you are getting much love and satisfaction from what you have manifested in your lives. It would please me to see that all your dreams and cares bear fruit and bring into your life all that you intend. I AM most pleased this day, for I see that this has come about in that reality that you are headed for on a strong and sure course.

I AM Sananda, and as I watch the viewing of what is to come in the next years before the ending of this era and the beginning in full of the New Golden Age, I see that all this and more is being lived on planet earth. I see that all of you have brought this into mastery and that with the help of your cosmic family, you have begun your ascendancy in earnest right now.

What I see is the overturning of the governmental forces on Mother Earth. I see the results of that overturning and the glory that it brings. I see men and women gathering their children and other loved ones to their bosoms and telling them that they are in the final stages of this old energy, and that they are with them all the way in the great time of change.

I see baskets of flowers adorning every table and I see love abounding in the streets. I see the remnants of the old energy transformed and dropping as rose petals at the feet of all who walk in the light. I see the remains of the sorrow bursting forth in sunshine and gaiety from every corner of the globe.

This is a time for rejoicing, and in this time we see the reaping of that which you have sown. I see the flowers of love springing forth from every garden. I see the gardens lacing every yard of every home in this glorious world. I see the people tremendously content and going about the work of the God within them. I see the people laughing and dancing and hugging each other in their enthusiasm over this whole new way of being.

You can see this too, by being that new way, by rejoicing in the promise of what you have planted in the seeds of change. You can see that the opportunities for a free and peaceful society are in the works right now, and that all that is paraded before your eyes and ears is but the illusion that hangs on for the final collapse of that which has NOTHING to stand on any more. You see that what they present to you at this time is but the echoes of the intent they set so long ago that they have lost their way to their imagined victory.

You know that this is the end for them, and that all they have left is empty thoughts that garner no energy of truth, therefore no relevancy to your world, except the playout that is in store for all of you to see how far the darkness has strayed from the light. In these coming times that are upon you, you can see what your reality is not and what your truth stands up against in triumph. You can see what your world has become in the eyes of the ones who stand in the shadows, and you can find the compassion that comes with the truth that they cannot see, the truth that will some day set them free from their own en-trappings.

Yes, they are their own victims and as soon as you see their kingdom fall, they will see that they have dug their grave and have succumbed to their own lies. They will come to a realization that they have lost their playground and they will be serving themselves to all they designed for their world, in a different place. They will no longer be able to choose the destiny they supposed for you, for they will no longer be a part of your reality. You will be living heaven on earth while they live the hell that they have created.

Send your compassion out to them, for they cannot withstand the light. They are God’s creations, gone astray so far that they must be placed in a reality of their making that gives them the chance to choose for themselves and then find their own way back to their origins in the light. Their own family in the cosmos has found that light, and they hold it in promise for them.

Give me your hands, my dear family, and I will dance and sing with you as we frolic in the chosen Promised Land. We are young, we are abundant, we are immortal, and we are free in Light and Love forevermore. Blessings go out to each and every one of you and on into eternity.

Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate

You are the promise that you bring to yourselves. Master Sananda Kumara