Wake up Call: Sananda July 18, 08 through Nancy Tate *LINK*

Wake up Call: Sananda July 18, 08 through Nancy Tate *LINK*
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Zany Mystic
Friday, July 18, 2008 02:31 pm

Wake up Call: Sananda July 18, 08

This is a time when all things must be looked at and seen to be in perfection. With the full moon Grace Light that came and embraced all life on earth last night there came a feeling from many people of a new promise that was instilled within them and that they will find from this point on their every prayer and request will be answered, sometimes before it is even completely uttered upon the energies of thought.

With this new energy there is a continuing absorption that will take place in the next days, for with the Grace Light is a perpetuance of itself and a reverberation of what it brings to earth. This will be resounding throughout Mother Earth and her family, and those waves of vibration will be bouncing off all of the surrounding energies that make up the atmosphere of earth.

We hear this in Heaven as the chorus of angels that sings at the opening and closing of each day and the lullaby that comes with the closing of the old world as it puts in place the dreams of the new world that is awaiting your expression on the horizon of tomorrow.

What will it feel like when you open your eyes to that new world? It will be as a sunny day that doesn’t glare, that doesn’t burn, that eases into your every move with a refreshing feeling of love and a gentle breeze that stirs the senses to motion and silence of movement at the same time. It will be as a cloudless night when you gaze heavenward and see all the lights of home with a remembrance that deepens the love within your heart, for you know that at long last this ground you stand on is a part of what the stars in the sky are rejoicing about in their twinkling.

This is not a fairy tale. It is a story of how it is and how it has been meant to be. You can watch the news on the screens and read the words in the newspapers and know that what is being presented there is the memories of what you have left behind. Memories can’t touch you, they can’t disturb your peace and joy. They are full of empty thoughts and wispy traces of emotions that have nothing by which to stick to anyone anymore, unless that person invites them in for a new chance to live what they represent.
That is the choice you all have. Live the life that was shown to you by the full moon last night, or close your heart to that and recede into the old memories that drag you down and back into the memories of the 3rd dimensional illusions.

I know you all. I see your hearts and souls and I watch as you receive the blessings of the new wave of love that is being beamed from every corner of the universe. I am impressed and overjoyed with the way you interpret those energies that speak to you of how you can live now and flow through anything that may be lingering around that seeks recognition. When that happens for you put your loving arms around it and whisper to it that you want to tell it your new story, and invite it in to be transformed as you have been. That is the way of the master within you, and I see how splendidly you do it and will do it over and over again.

I am Sananda, and I welcome you to this new day and this new promise of what I shared with you so long ago. As Jesus, I told you that anything I can do you can do, and more. Now you are doing that same thing I was doing, and you are doing more. Congratulations, you have come to that place within where you know who you are. Now it is time to bring it on out into expression and shine as the stars twinkling in the heavens to create those billion lights right here on earth. I love the scene, for I am admiring it as I speak.

Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate


Sananda: You have the formula within you to see your world as perfect, no matter how others see it. You also have the power to walk through that image of perfection in any moment that you choose.