Wake up Call: Sananda Dec 07, 05 *LINK*

Wake up Call: Sananda Dec 07, 05 *LINK*
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Thursday, December 08, 2005 03:10 pm

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for bearing with me as I have attempted to bring you an easier to read format for the Wake up Calls. I AM reverting back to using the treet@myway.com address so that you can at least read it. I will continue to search for an email server from which I can send a perfectly formatted message.

Here is today’s message; enjoy!



Wake up Call: Sananda Dec 07, 05

When you awoke this morning did you find that you had a smile on your face? Did you greet the day with a happy heart and a warm feeling in your soul? Did the remnants of night melt away and leave you refreshed? Then my dear ones you are on the other side of the present clearing and for the time being you can sail into the day with a lightness that readies you for the Promised Land.

I AM Sananda, and on this day of days, you are going to experience a new welling up inside of purpose and preparation for a life of beauty, peace and joy. You are going to wind up in the throes of laughter and gaiety because you have removed yet another layer of the old stuff.

This does not mean that there won’t be a return to the clearing at some time. What it means is that this time is preparing you to bounce back the next time much quicker and with less forbearance. It means that one day you will have cleared it all out and you will glow like the candle I hold for you.

For those of you who awoke this day with a lesser degree of that which I speak, lift your heart and realize that you are bound for glory. You too will awaken one day soon and feel that of which I speak. The journey is one that gives support to all in their particular stage of the journey. All is perfect in the timing, for we all lend our supportive energy to the whole.

When you come to the point where you see more sunshine in your life than clouds then you will know that your load is quite free, almost to the point of being non-existent. That is what is coming for all of you. Take solace in that fact, and know that upon arising every day no matter how you feel you are one step closer to that complete release that brings on the perpetual lightness of being.

In this journey that you are involved with, there are many avenues from which to spring. Part of the love of this journey is the days of sunshine and joy. When you feel this joy, open up your field and embrace the world. Those who see you will feel it. Those who don’t see you will feel it, and will wonder at the source for a moment and then go on in gratitude.

Imagine being the bearer of this wonderful feeling. Imagine going through life extending the message of love and joy out to the world and having people step into that feeling. Imagine then that these people in turn emit their own feelings of joy and as they go into the world that too emits out, joining with yours and expanding ever into the world.

What a wonderful way to spread the joy, just be the joy, and emit it as you go among the people. This exemplifies the energy of God. This speaks the language of the spheres and allows it to resound back to all who receive. It is the Way and the Word, for it is the universal language of love. When you say you are not bi-linqual, think again and recognize that you speak the universal tongue, as does everyone.

On this day, go out into the world and see how far your joy will reach. Spread it far and wide and know that you make a difference. Even if you go out into the world and never leave the comfort of your home, you go out in thought and intent, and you spread the word and the feelings. It does work that way. In these days of world strife, look at what is taking place and compare it with other times when you may have thought that hell was indeed here on earth. Then you realize that indeed heaven is here and is working to envelop all of humanity. It is working in the speed in which the people can accept the changes and the promise of the ritual that is created with the earthly ways.

As you read the papers and watch the news unfold on the television you can see the news with a air of lightness. You can see the progress that is taking place, even if you couldn’t yesterday. Bring yourselves to a place of positivity and know that you can see the bright side of all that you see. Know that as you do this you create it as surely as you stir the pot, or allow it to simmer.

I go now and take my place with Hatonn, and St. Germain. We have a mission today and that is to beam the brightness that we see emitted from you back to the whole world. We do this as we do what we are called to do in your name and in your intent. We hear your cries and your requests and we honor them in the only way we can, through the image of God and in His name, for you are God in your inner being.

We love and support you in your quest for freedom, and we walk with you in your light. Blessings are showering down upon you; claim them and walk in Joy.

Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate

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