Wake up Call: Overton + Hatonn, Oct 28, 09 *LINK* *PIC*

Wake up Call: Overton + Hatonn, Oct 28, 09 *LINK* *PIC*
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Zany Mystic
Wednesday, October 28, 2009 09:52 pm

Welcome to our Wake up Call email list.

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Hi Everyone,

It has been a long and eventful three months for Bob, Toshiro and me as we helped our friends to ready their house for sale, pack up, and move to their new home in Maine. We have arrived in Las Cruces, NM, and are staying for a few more days before moving on to the Tucson AZ area where we will be finding our new home, and settling in to begin our next phase of this journey.

Spirit has led us to search that area, through Toshiro, while we were driving in town about a week before we left to go to Maine. I kept feeling that Toshiro was behind me in the back seat, yet we had left him at the house. I tuned in and asked what he wanted to tell us, and he suggested that we might want to look for a place north of the border towns we were thinking of settling in, because the energies would be more conducive to us there. He suggested that we look in the area east of Tucson.

Spirit gave us a confirmation the other night at supper in TX where we overheard some people at the table next to us talk of Bisbee, Benson and Wilcox AZ (towns near Tucson). Now how often would you hear of those towns mentioned out of the blue like that, hundreds of miles away?

It’s good to be back in the southwest. It’s good to be back with you all. I expect to be here often after we get settled in. Overton has told me that he has much information for us all; information designed to inform us of what we can utilize to return to who we truly are, and to create our world in the image of what we see for ourselves as our perfect world.

Now on to the Wake up Call.



Wake up Call: Overton + Hatonn, Oct 28, 09

There will come a time in the very near future when many of you across the world will be telepathically given your own individual set of instructions that will represent the planning that we have had with you in visits on our ships. These instructions have been brought about by you, with us as we have worked together to comprise a plan that is designed to smoothly, and with little effort, bring about the changes that are necessary to bring this phase of the ascension process to a close. As this develops the required steps will be put into motion to lead to the changing of the financial situation all over the globe and to implement the process of changing the political structure of the world.

Those of you who are in place for this will receive your instructions and will begin to play them out in a way that is supported fully by us and in so doing there will be a temporary fulfillment of some of the steps that the illuminati have planned for this development. However, soon after the beginning of this process it will be apparent that what they have planned will have no effect of intent, for it has no support in any way that can bring about the downfall of what we will be setting into place. There will be only the unrolling of the developments that are to be seen as the beginning of the end for those who have long held the world in prison and in the idea of being enveloped in a cloud of shame and disempowerment.

The people are waking up to what they inherently have within them and that is the Mushaba Force. They are beginning to hear of that which they have been feeling as new power within them, a new force of positive energy that is in movement and is in place to speak to them of what they are capable of doing. The people are now remembering what they are here for, and they are recognizing that they are in complete ability to bring about that which they know is their right as human beings on the planet of their choice for what to them and the world is a pivotal phase of bringing the universe to the destined outcome of this phase of the purpose of our existence.

The people on earth came from far and wide in the universe, and as they brought their all-knowing ways to the episode of earthlife in the universe, they contributed a promise that is resounding throughout history as the wellspring of the very existence of our expression in the universal language that represents the total deliverance of the Truth of Life to all of existence.

We speak now of the existence of the parade of souls who took residence on earth after coming back on line so to speak from the devastation of Maldek. They came back from near extinction, aided by the various species in the universe who came online to assist them to come and finish their destined pathway on earth.

This is the destined time on earth now for those who are in line to receive these instructions and as they do, the resonance will be felt around the world, and the joy of the knowledge of the new freedom that is coming will be felt in the hearts of each one of you. You will recognize the tone of complete unity and this will bring you to the knowledge that all is in accord with The Creator and that the time for the changes you have long been waiting for is close upon you.

Tune in and sing the song of freedom that is in your heart and on the lips of all who can hear and see the truth of the times. This is the time of completion and as the solstice comes, you will be seeing the increased reasons to celebrate and to add your own particular piece of the puzzle to the table of life.

I am Overton along with Hatonn. We both wish to tell you of our love for you and to say that we are with you all, along with all of the rest of your family in the universe. We now leave you with this thought:

From the whispers of the heart

Comes the mind of the eagle.

Soar above the field of troubles

And see the Truth that lies before you.

It is endless,

And it is brought about through the eye of the beholder.

For he who sees through the mind of the one,

Sees through the heart of the All.

Thank you dear Overton and Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate

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