Wake up Call: Justice Jan 17, 06 *LINK*

Wake up Call: Justice Jan 17, 06 *LINK*
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Tuesday, January 17, 2006 10:26 pm

Wake up Call: Justice Jan 17, 06

My dear patriotic ones, I AM coming to you from the capitol of the USA and I would like to explain something to you about this place that tries men’s souls and appeases the lives of the downtrodden. This piece of information is the kind that is used for the enjoyment of the respective ones who come to judge and condemn for the sake of clarity in their own lives.

With the abovementioned opening I will now give you an overview of that which I will address. I come this day from a long line of jurors who have served in this country in a way that speaks of the freedom of man. I come with the idea of redress, and in that I promise all of you not only in this country, but around the world that as I look upon what I have accomplished and those who have come before me, I see that our motives where pure and our hearts solid in the methodology by which we conducted our services for the people who stood before us.

As you may have ascertained by now I speak for the collective energy of the judges who have presided over the various benches in the courtrooms of America. I will represent myself as Justice, for I AM not only one person, one being of light; I AM all who have sworn an oath and represented the law of the land.

As I began my sojourn through these halls of justice, I did so with the aplomb of a revered citizen engrossed in justice and the fairness of the Lord God. I was representative of all that God stood for and I carried the responsibility in any way that I consciously could. At times it was troubling, for to see the lengths to which my fellows and ladies would go to prove their point was to wonder at the stimuli by which they committed some of the acts that brought them before me.

I listened not only with my ears I listened with my heart and soul. I heard the unspoken words and I allowed myself to figure in those evidences. I brought the energy of love and compassion to my courts and I gave all the benefit of the doubt right up to the point where I had to pass judgment.

At that point I carefully reviewed all of the facts presented. I gave careful consideration to the completeness of what had been given me in the way of evidence that was irrefutable. Still, once that was accomplished I knew that the only recourse I had was to give the one final question and admonition to God to imbue me with his wisdom and ability to see the truth of the matter and then, and only then would I pass a judgment and allow myself to stand in a position where I was to determine the outcome and the direction in which the accused would go from that point on.

This was a burden that could well have proven to be too much for me. This was a decision-making process that I could not bear had it not been for the Grace of God to surrender the decision-making over to Him. I knew that in my process of just cause I was relinquishing over the verdict to a Higher power. I spoke for God and I gave sentence unto man. I did so with the sobering realization that in doing so I was agreeing to any considerations that my actions warranted. I had to live with myself, and in order to do that I gave up my ego and I surrendered completely to my Spirit.

Those were the days when justice was served in a way that could not be disputed. Those were the days when I and others like me took upon ourselves to adjudge a man and then go home knowing that we had just passed a declaration on someone that would affect them for the rest of their lives. This was what we stepped up to do, and we decided to wear it well and seek the grace of God every time we adorned ourselves in the robe of justice.

I hear you all now; I hear you shaking your heads and muttering of how far from those days we have come. I hear you saying that this could never have been, for how could mankind have strayed so far from the original. Believe me when I say this: there has never been a time when man has strayed so far from his own origins and yet been so close to rediscovering who he is. There is a decided air about all of mankind that relegates all of humanity to their origins for the sake of resistance to the darkness that exhumes itself from the abyss of the earth and beyond.

There is no part of the original that is not alive and well. With the onset of all that is taking place that looks and feels like the darkest of the dark, we can see the brilliance of what is to come and has been shining forth from every heart on the planet. We see that spark beaming it’s way through the darkness and ones such as you who read these words hold a candle to that spark and render it an explosion of trillions of sparks that cast a glow to illuminate all that has been Holy and just, and all that brings about voices such as I who serve to remind you of the vagaries that have cast shadows on all of mankind and the light that they inherently hold.

Cast your light upon the memories that this presentation inspires. Remember that these words that I speak come from the recesses of truth that you know to be of value. You remember in some fiber of your being that you were once one of my collective, or you knew one of us, or you stood before one of us, and declared our verdict just.

You look at the judicial system today, and you weep, or you curse the darkness. Now I say wipe the tears and expel the curses from your heart, for the light of our Grace flows forth strong and sure for you to hold on to and give homage to, for it still lives and can be resurrected, for the final judgment is yours. You are the one who brings it all to judgment, and in your godliness you remember that justice is a matter of course and a matter of belonging to the higher truth that lives in your Spirit.

Come now and remember our legacy to you. Remember that in these days there is the trial of the ages. Remember that you are all Holy and are all standing in the boots that escape the gallows. You have brought the sunshine into your world and you have paid homage to the beginnings from which you have sprung. Give us your tired and your hungry and cast no stones upon the waters for justice is blind in the sense that there is no erring when God is present for She sees the larger picture and He sees it as just.

I go now and I ring in a constant through eternity. I serve as a reminder for all of you when you come to the place of judgment. Surrender all to God and see the perfection played out in all that is. It is a finer thing that you do for your fellows and a finer thing that you do for yourself. Grace is sweet, and Grace is just.

Thank you dear Justice,

Love, Nancy Tate

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