Wake up Call: I AM Jan 19, 06 *LINK*

Wake up Call: I AM Jan 19, 06 *LINK*
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TNT MadDog
Thursday, January 19, 2006 12:09 pm

Wake up Call: I AM Jan 19, 06

My dears out there in the pools of darkness, where have you been, why do you struggle so when I can lead you into the light? Are you following a lesser call and an echo of times gone by? Are you whispering so as not to awaken those beside you lest they throw away your presence in the wonder of their light?

You are going through a transitory time, my dear lost souls and if you should reach out with your mind and see the light that I beam your way, you would but notice that there is love in every nuance of energy surrounding you, even in the darkness. There is no place where I AM not, for I give life to all there is. I bring the ones who look my way all the guiding light that I AM and this is what brings the lost ones home to me.

I ask that you look my way and see the spark that you reflect into the darkness. I hold my light for you all as surely as the day is here and the night is dear for it gives us the time to rest and visit our home once more. You have family there in the darkness and in that family is the invitation to come and be among us. We love and embrace you with our light, and as the darkness recedes we show you our light and our unconditional love.

Struggle no more my angel and come unto me for solace. We will ring through the centuries and dance through the eons visiting all that we have been and all that we have brought to our present beingness. We shall ride the waves of love and sing the song of loneliness so that it can be seen as past and forgotten. Loneliness is no more in our land, for all are here and all are one in this land. All is Grace and all is love in this land. We sing and we dance and we cherish each other where I stand. Come and join the throngs of dear souls who remembered what their story is and remembered to unveil their light for all the world to see.

We came to this planet in the far corner of this universe for a purpose. We reigned throughout the eons in this plan and we saw how far we could stray from the light. We knew always deep within that this was but a temporary way of being, and that sustained us through it all.

Now it is time to prove our love and to reap the rewards of the trials that we expressed. It is time for the riches of life in the light to come and fill our basket. It is time to go our among the brethren and show what we have learned. It is time to set aside all prejudices and welcome all into our arms with love and tenderness on our lips. Give forth the light that shows the way to the Promised Land, for that is our next appointment. We are heading for the light of earth’s final glory, that of being true to the destiny of arriving at Heaven’s door and bringing it on into the heart of the new way of being on this planet earth, this heavenly body that lies in rest as the home of the new angels who have gone through the darkness to reach the other side and find it to be home right here on earth.

Go now my dear ones and listen to the song of home. See the angels that mark the way to the lighted door that signals the end of darkness and the ride into the light. Thank the darkness for casting the shadows to illuminate that which we are and that which we are not, for there is an expression that comes along but once in a lifetime, and that is to see who we are not and know who we are.

Come now my dear ones and walk into the sunset. This is the beginning of a brand new day in the light. You have created it. You have formed it, and you have called for the totality to lead you there. You are home, and it is so sweet.

Thank you dear I AM,

Love, Nancy Tate

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