Wake up Call: Hatonn Oct 04, 05 *LINK*

Wake up Call: Hatonn Oct 04, 05 *LINK*
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TNT MadDog
Wednesday, October 05, 2005 12:08 pm

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Wake up Call: Hatonn Oct 04, 05

My dear ones what would you do if it rained in your life all the time.
What would you think if everyone always was full of gloom and doom and
never uttered a happy word? What would you do if the world stopped
spinning on its axis and everything came to a crashing halt? Would you
wonder where is God in all this, or would you awaken from your dream
and see it all to be a mere figment of your imagination?

My dears, this is somewhat what the world you live in looks like now,
to some people. These people who never see the beauty in the cesspool
of life, always travel in a shadow of their own making, they always
project that the world is going to hell in a handbasket and when they
wake up they will surely be in hell themselves, for that is all there
is at the end of this world.

My friends, these are the very ones we are assigned to love. Not only
do we love those we find easy to love, those with whom we share the
light and the joy of being with God The Creator, also we have agreed
to love those who cast the biggest shadow. We have agreed to take them
to our bosom and love the fear right out of them.

Of course we cannot force them to love, for that would be against what
is understood in this existence. If something is forced it is not
truly communicating in truth. When we force we go against the law of
love and create more fear, for what is fear if not a resistance to love?

I bring this up this day for the purpose of bringing to your attention
the little nuances of the nature of the decisions that those who live
in fear make. They only know how to operate in fear as long as they
remain in the shadows. And the ___expression of fear begets more fear.
This is a merry-go-round that some are on and have no thought of
getting of.

Not, that is, until or unless someone makes a dent in their fear, with
the love they send their way. When that love infiltrates the fear then
there is a difference made. There can be an opening that will make a
new thought come. This new thought could represent that the light has
given a promise.

This promise is that if you come and see me, if you let more of me to
show my face, then you may be able to relax a bit. Then you may find
that you like that relaxation and that you feel a mite more rested.
You may find that you like that feeling, and seek more of it, and then
bit by bit I can come flooding in and ease your life into being one of
sunshine and joy.

This is the kind of life that can be turned around, my dear ones.
There are so many dear ones on earth who live in the shadows because
that is all they have known in this lifetime and many lifetimes as
well. They have found the fear to be so ingrained that they are unable
to find their way home, unable that is without the help of their
fellow humans.

This is where your light and love come in. I speak not today of the
top kingpins of the illuminati, for they are the ones who are the
biggest challenge and are in the greatest pain when light comes their
way. I speak today of those who have been forced into this life that
they live in the shadows and under the influence of those who hold the
strongest positions in the illuminati.

If these ones were to be reached on a level that allows the light to
brighten their world and allow themselves to seek their freedom, then
we would find that the ones in power in the illuminati would find they
are playing all by themselves and they no longer have the power to
keep their world going. Their very foundation would crumble and they
would fall, for their own parts in this world would no longer have the
backing it has now.

This is all part of what I told you on Sunday. As the illuminati are
relegated to their own reality, they will surely take as many with
them as they can. This will be there intent. They like the numbers for
it sustains them. Without these others to back them up, they have
nothing. That is why I ask that as you think of the darkness you think
of those whom you can reach with your love. I also stress that taking
the limit off your consideration of whom you can reach is imperative,
for in removing the limit miracles are born. Yes, even the top king
pins can, through a miracle come into your light and find theirs.

My reason for being here this day with these words is that I have seen
in the past few days a great sweeping of the pressures of energy that
come when there is resistance. As the resistance mounts the pressures
mount and then there can be a huge explosion. This would affect the
people of the world and render the situation to be explosive. I don\'t
speak of explosive in a physical manner, rather in an energetic
manner. With the easing of the resistance, therefore pressure, the
explosive energy will be abated and all will fall into place in an
easy manner.

Wouldn\'t you rather see the sun break over the horizon after a night
of soft rain? Wouldn\'t it be wonderfully refreshing to awaken after
that rain and catch the glisten of the sun on the drops as they sit on
the leaves and blossoms? Wouldn\'t you like to arise and go out into
that gentle beauty taking a deep breath knowing that you fill your
lungs with the air of love and truth? This and more is what you love
and what you intend for all of mankind, even if so many know not of
this kind of innocence, this innocence of life on earth walking in the
love of The Creator. There is nothing better for you and for all of

We love you all so very much and as one more person opens their eyes
and allows another ray of sun into their world we weep another tear of
joy, for all is coming to Grace.

Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate