Wake up Call: Hatonn Nov 28, 05 *LINK*

Wake up Call: Hatonn Nov 28, 05 *LINK*
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Monday, November 28, 2005 11:30 pm

Wake up Call: Hatonn Nov 28, 05

My dear ones, this is Christmas, and before very long you will realize why I say that. As you all know Christmas is a time when much gift giving takes place. It is also a time of love and sharing, a time when families get together and a time of much jubilation. Christmas is a time when the joyous feelings of God reverberate throughout the world, and all of humanity is joined in a common thought, that of the love of the world for the birth of a newborn babe.

I am Hatonn, and I come this day to pretend with you for a while. Pretend that Christmas is here and that the carolers are singing their songs of love and cheer. Pretend that as you go about your days the tree is already resplendent in the corner with the lights, bulbs and tinsel. Pretend that the gifts lie in wait for the grand opening and appreciation. Pretend that on this day you are serving turkey, cranberries and mince pie. Pretend that you are sitting in front of the fire and you are popping corn in the old-tyme baskets that grandma used.

Is this not a time for rejoicing? Is this not the perfect setting upon which the gifts of The Creator may spring? Is this not the perfect place to say I love you and to share yourself with all whom you love?

You know it is, and you know that that is not all there is to pretend about. You can also pretend that the world is at peace and that there is no more thought of war, or pestilence, or discord at any place on the planet. You can also pretend that all of the world is living in a beautiful comfortable home, with two brass rings that welcome all quests to the front door.

You can pretend that the neighbors love each other, and that they help each other all the time. You can pretend that the children are well taken care of and that their every fear is caressed into love. You can pretend that there is no unemployment in the world, and that as everyone leaves their comfortable homes to go to work, they go merrily with a light step to a job that they love and know is their dream job.

As you see all aspects of life, you pretend that they are all surrounded with a golden halo that bespeaks the inner workings of life. You can know that as you go through life you manifest all that you desire and intend for your life. You know that through your vision, your imaginings, your playtime of pretend, you have created heaven on earth. You know that as this Christmas season begins once more that what it reflects out to the world is the love and the peace that is prevalent all over the globe.

This is the world I see this day, this day of pretend, this Christmas day. This is the way it is in my vision. This is the glory of living in intent and sharing that intent with all the world. This is the result of living that which you see and feel the gratitude for having it be your reality. This is the result of that thanksgiving that has just seeded this new pretend world that is being created as we speak.

Once more, we give ourselves to you, and we offer our love unbridled and complete. We do this in any way we can and in any field that is asked for. We do this with our hearts and our souls. We do so for all of the children who are coming into this world fully awake and ready for the promise to shine upon their families, and all the family of God.

We resume this life with a new feeling of love and a new reserve to get this done. We top off this holiday season just past with a grand new upliftment into the rest of the celebration of love and sharing. We see that all that is in our pretense is in actuality what is being created right now for the enjoyment of all. And that is to come right under our noses and in front of our eyes.

I told this one a number of days ago that it isn’t in the timing so much as it is in the experience. How can we tell you the timing of an event when so much is happening and so many lives and their antics and activities are taking place at the same time?

That’s why I say to you my dear ones, look to the experiences and know that as the experiences create the scenarios, the end result is always the intended, especially when the gratitude accompanies every thought of intention.

It is already yours for you have claimed it. When you see it in front of your eyes and feel it in your soul, then you will know heaven is here and it is your life in manifestation. Let’s pretend, shall we?

Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate

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