Wake up Call: Hatonn Nov 03, 05 *LINK*

Wake up Call: Hatonn Nov 03, 05 *LINK*
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Thursday, November 03, 2005 04:21 pm


Wake up Call: Hatonn Nov 03, 05

There is much taking place behind the scenes in Washington DC these days. With these events we are seeing a gradual return to truth and justice and a sentiment of lasting abundance that will come from the events. All of the issues that have been promised with NESARA are in the early stages of being brought forward and implemented in the various events and changes that are coming about.

Due to the opening of the channels of truth that are coming through the earthly laws and procedures of the justice system of earth society, these issues will be resolved and a new way of governance of earth society is being born.

Good day, my dear ones, I AM Hatonn and I come with an update for your consideration and enjoyment. I come to let you know that though on the surface things seem to be crawling along at a snail’s pace, there is much action behind the scenes.

First I will let you know that with the advent of the court appearances of Mr. Libby, there will be new evidence presented that came to light only days ago. This evidence was offered through the channels of propriety by a member of the staff. With this evidence that was presented within the bounds of legality, there will be a strengthening of the case supporting that indictment.

Realize that as these cases proceed through the judiciary they are laying the groundwork for additional cases to be heard in conjunction with each other. The thread that binds them together will be obvious and will be presented in some cases as a package. This will bring certain proceedings to a speedier conclusion.

I tell you this now for I have noted that some of you are concerned with the idea that there is a holdup that is going to throw a monkey wrench into it all. Know that this will not happen. Know that all is in order and proceeding very well.

Heaven’s time is much different from earth time, in fact as you know there is no time, as you know it. Time as you know is an earth creation; it is part of the matter state utilized to carry out the matter state. When we tell you that soon things will happen it is because we cannot give you specific times. With the flux energy on earth at present we know that events and energy can change at any time. This makes our position flux as well, for we can see probabilities and we can determine to some extent which of those probabilities will be followed into manifestation.

There have been times when we have seen what looks to be a probability that will be followed and then an event will abruptly change what would have been, completely changing the probability. When this happens then we see that it comes about due to a rise in the vibration of a strong group of lightworkers and the turnaround of the actions that are affected by the intent of the lightworkers.

This is how you all change the course of probability. This is the power you have to band together and change what could have been something that would not benefit mankind. The strength in numbers proves itself out all the time. When you set your intent to bring about an upturn in events, or to keep something from happening, you change history.

From this knowledge I encourage you to know that when you sign the petitions that are spread across the Internet, when you make calls to your representatives in government and industry, when you call lightworkers together in support of an issue you are creating in the image of God, great changes have come about through this. Great changes will come about through your continuance.

As you go into the next days, and monitor the news on the Internet and the mainstream news, compare the content. See how everyday there is a gradual closing of the gap between truth and fiction, or omission in both mediums of news. As you band together in purpose and intent and create the glory of heavenly energy on earth and in the proceedings through this time of transition, know that you are exercising your innate powers to create your world in the eye of God.

With your innate wisdom know also that as the proceedings take the time they must it is because there is earth karma that is being dealt with, and in order for this to be absolved it must follow certain criteria. Part of that criterion is for you to lend your energies of intent for the light to prevail. That is why you are strongly following that natural guidance to honor your intent for truth, justice and peace to prevail.

I leave you now to your day and I follow your energy of intent, seeing it as golden and as strong in its implementation. You are masters to be sure, and as you go about your services to yourselves and each other so too do you honor all of Creation.

Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate