Wake up Call: Hatonn Jan 31, 06 *LINK*

Wake up Call: Hatonn Jan 31, 06 *LINK*
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Wednesday, February 01, 2006 01:22 pm

Wake up Call: Hatonn Jan 31, 06

When you awoke this morning you had a decided air about you of joviality. You felt that the world was your oyster, and all you need do to claim your prize was to stand up and take that one step in the direction that was given you. You are entirely correct, my dear ones, and with that knowledge you can go out in the world and take pleasure in all that comes to you, for it is yours and you have ordered it for your enjoyment.

You know that love is what makes the world go round, and with that knowledge you have gained insight into what all of the seers and Masters have known forever. You are remembering your power and you are implementing it as you go into your next moments. I AM Hatonn, and I love to see how much you are being who you are and reaping the rewards of peace and joy as a result.

I realize that much that is taking place in the world out there reflects something different from what I AM saying right now. That is merely the world of illusion that has been put into place by a few who have chosen to live that way. Yes, it does affect you in some ways, however I would like to point out that you do not have to allow it to be a part of your waking experience for it has really nothing to do with you.

Yes, I know, you feel in order to carry on in this world you must be a part of the system. To some extent that may be true in passing. However, in order for the system to not touch you in the way that it was designed by certain ones, you must remove your thoughts of that system and how it is evil and corrupt.

Bear with me for a moment, for I will clear this up. I am not saying to go into denial; I am saying to know in your deepest of souls that you are not a part of that system, for you did not build it the way that it is coming down around you. When you for instance agreed to use those credit cards, you did so with full thought and intent to honor the agreement that you entered into. This you agreed to and this you have followed. Now you learn that this was a one-sided agreement and that from the beginning for the other party the intent was not reciprocated. That leaves the situation clearly to be a non-binding agreement.

I point this one instance out in order to show you by example about the validity of agreements. Once an agreement has been broken by any party concerned there is no longer an agreement, do you not agree? This leaves the window open for a withdrawal from the original supposed agreement and a freedom from the falsity.

Don’t you like the feeling of being released from that, which is not true? Aren’t you seeing now how love and light works with truth? Holding true to something that you know to be truth gives you the freedom to do and feel anything that you intend for your life. By going out there and capturing the gold ring, you exercise your inherent right no matter what the illusion looks like. The secret ingredient is knowing and retaining your sovereignty.

I bring this to your attention today for an express purpose. There is coming a decision that will to some seem as a let down and a feeling of betrayal. I ask that you look at this whole issue and see it as another piece of the puzzle that cannot stand, for it has no merit or basis in truth. It is part of the illusion. It is one of the tactics created by the illusion, therefore has no truth in the world that stands on truth.

As you go about your days in this world and create your individual world the way you design, you will see the results and they will be much different from what the illusions supports. You will see a world based in truth and honor. You will see a world created in love and freedom, for you have created it from the innermost parts of your being.

Never mind what the illusion supports, even if you find you’ve had to be a part of it in order to create your world, that doesn’t mean that you are corrupt and that you have made a binding agreement. It means that you have exercised your rights to be a part of a world that gives something that you require to create your world. It means that by entering into that credit card agreement, that agreement to pay income tax, or that agreement to buy a house with a mortgage, you are holding up your end of the agreement in a way that empowers you and brings you peace of mind.

Consider that you learn of what this agreement is based on, from both sides. Consider that when you took this oath you did so with the understanding that both sides agreed equally. You stand in your integrity and you go forth with that in place. You live in your house, you bring income in, and you know that there are ways that you can retrieve the tax that is taken out of your pay. You also supply your furnishing needs with that piece of plastic, knowing that you did so paying a mere pittance for the use of that card. Then you find that that mere pittance has enlarged and inflated, and you end up paying three, four times what you originally agreed to. The agreement has been tampered with, and you have seen that your agreement is no longer what you entered into.

I bring this all up, for I have been asked for these issues to be revealed in some way. I do so for to keep on thinking that these issues have nothing to do with spirit is to be in denial and to deny that part of your life and your decision-making process. To do that is to see the separateness that has been perceived for eons. Now you are beginning to realize the unity of all, and this is why these issues are coming forward to be heard and seen. Many of you have asked for these things to be addressed by us, and now I AM stepping forth and addressing them.

I ask you, what would you do in your own family if one of the members enters into an agreement with you, and at some point you discover that they have not held their end of the bargain? Would you not confront them and declare an answer? Would you not declare that you no longer have an agreement because that member of the family did not hold up his end of the bargain? You would refuse the agreement, would you not, because it is no longer valid? Why would this on a worldwide scale be any different? These people in the world with whom you have entered into an agreement are your family. They have entered into an agreement with you, and they have not upheld that agreement. They have from the start falsified that agreement.

I tell you these, and others are the issues that will be coming up more intensely for you if you are in the system. These are the issues that you have had a part in bringing to the surface, because of your involvement with them. Do you see the bigger picture here? Do you see that you have perhaps known on a grander scale that your part in this was agreed on by all of you as a whole? Do you not see that with these issues there is coming a great reckoning and soon there will be the complete exposure, and it will have to be dealt with?

When you agreed to come out of the hermit mode, or the meditative caves and be a part of this world, it was because you had built up enough power and strength within yourselves in order to be able to face this time in your evolution to be able to withstand this challenge, and be able to create your world in way that declares the unity of all. Also to see and utilize the ability you have to work as a whole to bring about the balanced system and to declare the freedom and peace in your world on a global level. You do that by standing tall and strong in your world in every way that means.

I came here to this message today with the knowledge that it could stir some of you to feel that this is not what you want to hear from us. I realize that this is a painful subject to some of you, and that you would rather not think about it. I understand that for who wants to inflict that kind of pain on oneself when it can so easily be swept away and forgotten? I ask you, can it really be forgotten, or is part of the pain laying in some innate knowledge that you have designed this for a purpose?

I am suggesting that you take a good long look and then see the truth that lives in your heart. You are sovereign beings and you agreed to this mantle of forgetfulness. Now that you are waking up, what are you going to do that represents your power of authority over your lives? I know what you think, and I also know what you can do. I speak to you as an equal and I see your glow from anywhere that I gaze upon you. You can stand in that light and you can persevere. All it takes is the knowledge that you are sovereign, and your life is yours to live as you choose in honor and joy and truth. Pick up the gauntlet and run with it for you have truth and light on your side.

Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate

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