Wake up Call: Hatonn Jan 20, 06 *LINK*

Wake up Call: Hatonn Jan 20, 06 *LINK*
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Friday, January 20, 2006 11:08 am

Wake up Call: Hatonn Jan 20, 06

I AM here with you today to give you an idea that you can take to the bank. It is an idea that can soothe the soul and enable you to climb mountains and swim oceans and never tire or feel spent of all energy. With this idea you can see how to make your life the best it has ever been and then you’ll go even further than the absolute farthest that you gave even gone. I AM Hatonn and in this message I will give you a parable that will fill you with joy and help you to see how simply you can empower your life.

With the ensuing times that are taking place on your planet you have been feeling a bit weak of late in some cases. You have been feeling perhaps like the strife and deception in the world will never end, for you see no evidence of that ending in the mainstream news. In the alternative news you have seen some, and with that meager amount of news, comparatively, you see perhaps that there is a continuing battle of the dark and the light.

First let’s explore that statement, and then we will get to the parable. To set the record straight, the battle is waged by the darkness alone. That battle is within the energy of the darkness. The light does not engage. There is no battle with the light, for the light simply is what it is, with no resistance to anything. Period!

Once upon a time there was a girl who stepped upon a train and set about to learn who everyone else was on that train. She started at the beginning of the aisle and as she stopped in front of one gentleman she asked his name and smiled a gentle smile.

The man told he that he was Horace and that he was going on a business trip. She smiled again and said that she would like to know some more about him; is he rich, is he married, does he have children, does he like to dance?

He smiled for the first time and told her that he would like to be her friend and that if she would like to sit beside him in the seat that was vacant, he would tell her all these things and then he would tell her about his grandchildren and how much she reminded her of them. She smiled and said that would be nice, she would like that for she had been on her feet since early that morning.

So she sat next to him, and he offered her the rest of the peanuts in his bag. Then he told her about himself. He asked her too about her life; does she have brothers and sisters, does she play baseball with her friends, does she like to dance, are her grandparents living and if so are they close by?

As these two people began to grow fond of each other, they developed a bond that would last for the rest of their lives. You see, there was no fear in the girl’s heart for this man, and this man took so strongly to the girl that he never had a thought that this meeting might be inappropriate.

After about an hour, the train came to a halt and the passengers departed, all but the man and the little girl. They stayed on the train, and kept on becoming fast friends. There was something about the two that captivated another passenger that was reluctant to depart, so she stopped in the aisle and asked them where they were headed.

The little girl looked sweetly at the woman and announced that she was headed to the place where the train would ultimately stop, and when she got there then her mission would be done.

The woman wasn’t sure what to think of this answer, for there must be someone waiting for her at the end of the line. And who was this gentleman who had such a kind and loving manner?

I, dear madam, am the best friend of this young girl. I came along on this ride thinking that I would meet the girl of my dreams, the girl who would give me the answer to why I am here in this world. I have found the answer in the innocence of this girl, and I will never forget the message she has given me. She has shown me that to let fear into any equation is to render it insufficient to stand. To allow anything to come in the way of success is to give homage to anything that is not light and love.

My, oh my, said the woman, you sure do have a way of telling it like it is. How did you learn to reach such a clear understanding of how to achieve success? Surely you have only recently found that answer, if this girl has been such a Godsend to you.

Yes, my dear woman, this is so. This girl has been a Godsend to me, for just before she came by and asked my name, I was thinking of how I might get off this train at the nearest stop and never go home again, or anywhere else but the deepest part of the river, for that matter, he uttered in a whisper, almost to himself.

The woman smiled and laid her hand on his shoulder. She felt the warmth of his body underneath her fingers and noted the glow that emanated from his skin. She wondered that this kind of a change could take place with such a simple and sweet meeting. How was this possible, when she had been trying all of her life to achieve the peacefulness that she felt from this man?

The little girl had been listening to the gentleman and the woman, taking it all in. She smiled a tender smile and she knew that her time on the train was almost over. She stood and offered her seat to the woman and said that she just realized that her time on the train was done. This was her stop and she had better get off so that she wouldn’t miss her next train.

You see, she was going on a long, long trip, with several changes of trains, and she mustn’t be late for any one of them. She knew that if she missed one, then the next one would take her in a direction that she mustn’t go. You see, she had this trip all planned out, and she mustn’t deter from the course. This was a journey that was predestined and would lead her to the best thing she could ever know. She also knew that she loved this journey, for it gave her a great deal of joy.

The gentleman and the woman hugged her to their chests and whispered a loving farewell. Their eyes misted a bit and as they said goodbye she winked at them. This puzzled them, but they knew somehow that they would see this girl again. They knew not why, however it was a promise that they felt.

As the days and weeks went by after that day, the gentleman and the woman became very fond of each other. They grew to love one another in a special way. They both had lost their loved ones and had found themselves to be in a very lonely place. When they met on the train, they were following a destiny that had led them to this union. The little girl was on her own journey as well, and though it was not born in loneliness it was destined to take her to the same train that the gentleman and the woman had taken that day.

You see, that little girl was an angel; she represented innocence, and she was destined to go about from train to train acting as a joiner of hearts and lives to give lost souls a life-line. With the love that this girl represented and gave without err and within hesitation, she gave a gift of innocence to all with whom she came in contact. She represented that all you need do is reach out in purity and innocence, without fear, and you could move mountains, part waters and join two lonely hearts who had run out of innocence.

This is the train to take my dear ones. This is the journey of a lifetime, and the sky’s the limit. There is no end to the sky, so there is no limit. You can have anything you desire and intend for your life by simply being the innocence that spreads the message of love and trust everywhere you go. Know that you can do and be anything that you desire. Be as little children, and watch heaven and earth move for you, for there is nothing stronger or more powerful than the knowledge that you are love.

Step up; take my hand, and see the light that illuminates all there is and renders it yours. I love you for who you are, for you are the innocence of an angel.

Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate

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