Wake up Call: Hatonn Jan 18, 06 *LINK*

Wake up Call: Hatonn Jan 18, 06 *LINK*
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Wednesday, January 18, 2006 04:45 pm

Wake up Call: Hatonn Jan 18, 06

My dear ones, what would you rather do swing a banjo into a rip-roarin tune, or go to the moon? What is your fondest desire and how would you proceed to go about bringing it into your life? Are you a doer or a waiter for the right moment and circumstances? How have you accumulated success in your life before and why are you not doing that now, now that you know that you are far more than a 3D person who allows life to happen to you, rather than making your life the way you would want it?

I AM Hatonn, and I say that you are all of these things and that you are because at one time you desired, and went through the motions of bringing them into your life. I say that this is proof positive that anything that you desire and intend for your life can be and is indeed yours. Remember that next time you think that you have nothing, or not what you desire.

Now that we have gotten that out in the open, we can begin to plan your life deliberately and with much clarity, for to know that you do indeed create what you think and give energy to, you can now go ahead and see your life unfold just as you desire and intend. You also can see how many false starts and ideas you bring into the equation and how you can avoid those in the future.

Begin by seeing how your thought processes create the world you live in. I’m referring at first to the immediate personal world you experience. Once you have fully realized how that interprets in your life, then you can go about seeing how that affects the surrounding world that you have created, for yes indeed you do have effect on the world outside your own individual world. This is representative of the fact that all is One.

Take stock of how many times your thoughts and ideas about your world have come to fruition. Realize that this is due o the energy you give it. Ho many times have you, for instance looked into the sky and exclaimed over the chem. Trails, “Oh, I just hate what they are doing to our skies! They are making us all sick and that is criminal!”

Now think of how you might rephrase that statement. Perhaps you would say, “My look at the beautiful clouds in the sky. Thank you for bringing us this beauty and thank you for giving us a moment of truth to realize that nothing can harm me and all is well in this world.” This is not what some would call denial. Rather it is a deliberate step you take to creating your reality. You create what it is you intend for your life.

Rather than giving energy to that which you do not like, turn it around and see the light, the positive in everything that you see and experience, if you must give it any attention at all. If you find that you do not come up with anything positive to say about something, then bless it, simply bless it and go on your way giving attention to something that brings you enjoyment, peace, a good feeling.

When you go about your day’s activities, how do you approach them? Do you see them as being beneficial to you, or do you grumble and wish you could do something else? Do you see your world begrudgingly, or do you see it as being an opportunity for growth and creation of something desirable? This is where you have power over the outcome of your activities. Here is where you develop the world that you desire. Go ahead; give it a try. See what happens when you live your life in love with everything that comes along. It may feel foolish at first to say to a chem trail, “I love you for the feathery beauty you bring to me.” But look at the alternative.

You create that which you give attention to. How often I say this determines how deeply it becomes a part of your inner knowing, therefore a conditioner to your life. Remember to say these words and feel them, feel their total effect in your life. When you say them, what is the first feeling or thought that comes from the statement. Is it, “Yeh sure, the beauty is poison; who do I think I’m kidding.”

It may well be, however that thought can be answered with a positive. “The trails are beautiful and I know that I receive only beauty from them.” Every time that you have a negative thought replace it immediately with a positive one. This will begin to show itself in your life as a positive energy that creates the light and it will do so in a way that reduces the numbers of negative thoughts, and replaces them with positive ones.

Your life will begin to represent your thoughts in a whole new way. You will see the positive in your life and you will see that yes indeed you can have your life exactly the way you intend. You can swim in the ocean, though you live in the mountains. You can have that new car rather than continue driving the old clunker. You can eat healthy rather than buy the cheaper foods laced with poisons. You can go to the moon and play that rip-roarin tune on a banjo. You don’t have to choose. And the amount of time it will take depends on how long you see it taking.

Here’s where you can tune in and see what your real thoughts are about the timing. You may be surprised at the little voice that comes whispering and telling you the little lies that you refused to hear before. When that little voice says, “Oh you think so huh? Well you can’t do that right now, it is going to take a lot longer than that,” that is when you immediately replace that thought with one that is positive and deliberate to counter that idea of limit.

I know that you can do this. I know that you can extend this into the world out there, as well as your own individual world. You can add your positive intent for a new government for and by the people. You can help to create a cleaner earth and air to breathe. You can help to bring about a peaceful planet, rich with natural resources that bring Gaia back to balance and perfection. You can add your intent for heaven on earth just by being that balance of life and liberty in your own personal world, then extending that energy out there to the whole world.

Join with the millions of people who share your vision, and know that as a human race you are the creators of your world, and it is grand. Know it; see it; be it. It is Yours. You are creators in the image of God.

Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate

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