Wake up Call: Hatonn Jan 13, 06 *LINK*

Wake up Call: Hatonn Jan 13, 06 *LINK*
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Friday, January 13, 2006 09:18 am

Wake up Call: Hatonn Jan 13, 06

Some of you are interested in what it takes to get to a clearer way of thinking. Some of you have already found your way there. For the rest of you I propose that you sit a spell and read what is being typed here, for with the words may come the beginning of the clarity you desire. For those others who feel they have already attained that clarity, this may bring to you the confirmation that will ring in your ears and eyes as truth.

I AM Hatonn, and on this day I will address the presence of various ideas that may be floating around in your heads and how to sort them out. These ideas could be in response to what is being shown on the news and what isn’t. These ideas may be springing from what is being sent out through the Internet and the emails.

These reports that are clogging up your clarity are in some cases, designed to do just that. They are meant to fog up the windshields of your vision and to cloud the sureness of the brain. This is not necessarily a negative thing, for it shows you what you are not interested in hearing about. It shows you that with these ideas and messages that are spread around there is a great opportunity for discernment.

This is where you come in. This is where, with your own powers of discernment, you can sift through what comes around and decide for yourself what is your truth and what to allow to drift away as so much news that has somewhere else to go.

What do you define as truth? This you might ask yourself. What is it that resonates within your being and sends your heart to a place of solidity and warmth? This is what you can take as truth, for it speaks to a place within you that recognizes what is of relevance to you. This does not mean necessarily that what goes on by with little or no recognition is false. It merely means that it is not of relevance to you.

There is a deeper reason for the various ideas in the reports and messages to come through. This is a place for all to use discernment and to realize where they stand at any given moment on any issue. You have found that there is in many cases a wide diversity of opinion on any of the messages and reports that are out in the stream of emails. Where do you suppose these ideas come from? Are they perhaps the result of so many ideas that are floating around and being given attention to?

Oh no, you say, they are either true or they are not. Consider that there is truth and untruth in any or all of the messages, according to the viewer. Is there not a varying difference of opinion with any of them as to what is correct and what is not? Who has the final say on what is truth and what is false? Is it possibly neither true nor false, but simply someone’s idea and therefore worthy of thought?

I give you an example: when I arose from my chair this day after a night of monitoring the progress of the activities in The Netherlands, I did so with the idea of a peaceful night on those shores. However, there were those who in their individual lives there considered the night to be one of unrest and irritation. That is simply a representation of how their night was, yet it had no bearing on the activities of the rest of the town those people live in. Their idea of how the night was, was as a result of what took place in the household, and didn’t go outside the walls.

It was very real to them, yet it had no validity to anyone else, for it did not affect their perception of how the night was, nor did it affect me except to have been a momentary interested third party, inconspicuous and neutral to their life. Had it gone outside and infiltrated the rest of the neighborhood and into the town, then it would have affected the town, though it would not necessarily have drawn the same energy as for the individuals from whence it began. It still would have been a matter of one’s truth of the situation, and not necessarily coinciding with the ideas of the others in the town.

Does it make the others’ opinions false for them? They experienced their own truth in regard to the incident. This is where the line is drawn in some cases, for with the individual perceptions comes the diversity of truth in any given situation. We see a wide diversity in what is taking place in Washington DC, for example, and in that diversity comes reports of arrests, and indictments and injustices in many corners.

Who is right and who is wrong in these cases, and who is going to present the evidence of the truth and falsehoods? Who can say incontrovertibly that something is definitely truth, when another says that it is by all means false? What I am presenting to you here is a way through which you can make your own decisions as to what is your truth, and what is possibly irrelevant. Here’s another element I throw into the fray. What of irrelevance? What is it that is being banded around that is simply irrelevant and does no harm or is of no benefit to the subject? What is presented that may be a diversion? This too is something for you to utilize as a means of making sense in your lives and the way you receive anything that may come your way.

Perhaps you would be clearer in your visions of the world events if you allow the ideas that come your way that raise your feathers to merely flow on by and have their own path to wherever. When you allow them to come in and disturb your equilibrium perhaps you have found some more of the irrelevant subject matter that serves only to cloud your brain and muddy your vision.

The idea in that is to not get caught up in the ideas that are not clearly on your wave length. This is how you can keep a clarity from which you can lead a life of purpose in a way that reaps the benefits of a clear head and a whole heart. Keep only that which is your truth and resonates in a way that nourishes. This is the fuel by which you create a life that is bountiful and rich in a way that affects not only your purse, but all in your life.

I give you this accounting today in order for you to see how too much of others’ ideas can slow down your evolutionary progress and add unnecessary baggage to your path. It is fine to listen and discern with anything that comes your way. To hold onto something because it bugs you and you want to finds what it means, is to allow it to take precedence in your life over what is already solidly you. That is what slows you down and gives pause to where you were the moment before in the flow of truth.

As I leave this message and go about my various duties and happy doings, I do so with the knowledge that all of you have already reached your destination. What is left now is the out-workings of that attainment, and that is for your enjoyment and interest along the way. Play! Go out and kiss a child, for there but for a few years in your estimation, go you.

Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate

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