Wake up Call: Hatonn Jan 12, 06 *LINK*

Wake up Call: Hatonn Jan 12, 06 *LINK*
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Thursday, January 12, 2006 08:35 pm

Wake up Call: Hatonn Jan 12, 06

My dear people of earth, I AM here this day to let you in on a little secret. There are five more days till the end of the present era and in those days you are bound to see some changes. Why do I say five; why am I so specific when I have before explained why this is not a wise thing, to be specific? It is because the five days I speak of are in relative time. Yes, relative time is far different than sequential time; I will explain why. I AM Hatonn, and on this day there are five times the amount of hours than there have been in at least two years.

Over the past two years you have noticed a decided difference in the amount of time any day holds. You have felt the squeezing of time into a length that is less than enough to accomplish much of what you feel you were able to accomplish before. In this you have found some amount of frustration, for though the time seems shorter the number of things you wish to accomplish has grown longer in many cases.

This is what we call the influx of substantiated energy. Through this phenomena there are two factors in consideration here. One is that as earth revolves around her sun she gains momentum through the slippage of low vibration into higher vibration. There is less resistance in this state, allowing for more freedom of movement, fluidity.

The second factor is that as the revolutions speed up the momentum of the magnetics slows down and that allows for this ease of movement through the system. What this accomplishes is the movement of non-resistance in a way that accelerates the growth of man and the adventuresome energies of monumental achievement potential.

Translated, this says that as the time is speeding up, the ability for you to accomplish what it is that you desire becomes a chore that is more readily seen through to the finish and that is shown to be the light of the day. What I mean by this is that as you set about doing the tasks you assign to yourself, you not only do them in a way that is desirous, it is as well very expedient.

As a result you see that what you do in a lesser amount of time, is what you used to do in more time. This translates to more accomplishments and more ease in doing those things. You have kept up with the momentum and you are doing it graciously. It may not seem that way to you, for you are still stuck, in some cases, in the old paradigm in your mind. You feel the increased momentum and look upon it as not enough time to do what you used to do. In effect, you are still perceiving the old reality while living the new.

What I suggest that you do is to relax and allow yourself to be acutely aware of all that you do in the amount of time there is in any given day now. Take note of what you do and of how you do it. What amount of time does it take now to accomplish what it used to take? Are you utilizing the time you have in the same manner as before, or are you allowing the momentum of your intent energies to render you able to accomplish these things in record time?

This is a wonderful exercise in living the moment. This is a wonderful way to be able to expand time, or condense it more. What is your preference? Go ahead and play with this; see what comes of it. You never know, you may be able to stretch your day into an unlimited amount of time so that you can accomplish anything that you desire with the amount of time it would seem necessary.

While we are on the subject of time, what are you feeling is going on with the things you desire to accomplish? In making these decisions have you addressed the issue of the changing times? Have you asked yourself how you might better accomplish what you choose to do if you look at it in a different way? Rather than go about it in the same way you would have two years ago, consider going about it from a different angle. How would that look and feel to you? Would it accommodate the shorter time and the ease in which the time is being handled?

This is a way in which you can find the time you desire and then accomplish what it is that you find necessary to do what you want to do. If what you choose to do requires the input of other people, then consider how they spend their time, and add that consideration to the equation. You may find that the answer for accomplishment lies in the subtle energies of the whole, rather than in the details.

This is a subject for the perusement of the day. You can find much slippage in the time that it takes to accomplish anything, once you go about the consideration of the whole of the subject in a way that takes it out of the box of time. See what you do in terms of accomplishment rather than how long to allot yourself time for. See what you do as a whole and then go about it in a way that suggests to you it is already done and the result is what you are living.

That will give you a whole new perspective. Go ahead and play with that concept for a while and see what insight it brings you. You may find a whole new way to approach anything that you do by seeing the whole before you even begin; not only see it, but feel it; live it in your mind and emotional body. If you do not care for what you experience, then you can change it to suit your fancy, before you even take it to the table for accomplishment.

I know that you can have fun with this. You can play with it and meld your reality by utilizing this method until it is second nature. I will be monitoring your progress and I will likely see that you move time in a way that benefits you and accomplishes the creation of time in a way that you decide.

I stand here on the Phoenix and I watch the creation of time ring its way around the planet. I smile and I see you all having the time of your lives, for you are creating your world in a way that is extremely pleasant and satisfying. I watch from a vantage of a bit into the future, five days to be exact, give or take a few thoughts and nuances of time of your making.

You see, it matters not the number of days that I choose to open up this discussion, for five of five thousand would have proven my point. It is all up to you, and you have caught on to what I say. You have created in God’s image and it is grand.

Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate

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