Wake up Call: Hatonn Jan 10, 06

Wake up Call: Hatonn Jan 10, 06
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Zazz (for Admin Man)
Tuesday, January 10, 2006 05:13 pm

My dear ones, as we go about our duties and privileges we may get caught up in the mundane and seemingly important matters. Unless we slow down a bit and view these matters from a perspective of a different idea, we may find that we loose sight of what our original, overall plan is. I AM Hatonn, and in this message I wish to present to you an idea that can serve to change the rate and nature of what you are now involved with and more positively align it with what your original intent was.

As you go about the matters at hand and step back once in a while to assess your progress how do you do that? What do you stand up to the results of your actions for a determiner as to the success of your venture? Do you hold someone else’s success to yours as a gauge by which you can see success? Or do you go within and tune in to your own feeling about what you have accomplished?

This is a point upon which you can base your results. You can utilize the percentage of your success in accordance with how that success works in your life. When the elements of your life are working, then all flows smoothly. When you utilize others’ assessment of success then you may find yourself off key and wondering what went wrong.

First I remind you that there is no wrong. There is purpose in supposed errors; they show you what the course of action you took reaped, and the path that can instead be taken to accomplish that which the other action did not. As you sift through the labyrinth of paths, you’ll find that the seeming diversions from the chosen path are but ways in which you can view the intended goal from another perspective. You also know that all of the paths that are followed will lead you to the center, which is God.

Compare the labyrinth with the maze. The maze can lead you in circles and it can take you on a wild goose chase, just so that you can take another pathway and wonder if that will lead you to the desired goal. With a maze there are any numbers of ways that you can choose, and yet you can be going around in circles all the time, never finding the way out.

However, using a labyrinth to make your journey brings you ultimately to the intended goal. You will find your way to the center, Spirit, where rest is. You rest in God and then when you feel the restoration is complete, you will find your way back to the matters of the world, restored and full of promise for the inspiration that you have received in your rest state.

I use this symbology to show you how these times that are upon you are leading you in ways that can be not only restful, but can be fulfilling as well. By beginning your pathway with God/Spirit at the center of your journey, you will always find your way to the truth. You will gain new wisdom by which to choose in your life the pathways that lead to success. As you do this the idea of the maze falls away and you find that all that you do is done in purpose. You make a move according to what your intuition shows you and without the anylization that the maze invites.

As the energies of love and light enrich your life and lead you to a place of rest, you find that more and more you find your center. You see the results in your life and you reap the rewards. As you do this, there is a decided factor that accompanies this success there is a joy and a heart love that gives itself to all that comes along. You find that the upsets of the day that used to plague you are no longer an issue. You find that the orders that before would send you into chaos now slip by unnoticed and part of the everyday stream of things.

Once I observed a couple who had entered into a relationship that was to be solid and irreversible. They knew that as they went through life together their love would grow and blossom into a more beautiful thing every day. They took their time to find the center of their lives, for they relied on each other for their sustenance. They identified themselves in each other.

Soon their world began to crumble. Their love began to show signs of pressure. They didn’t know what to do, or where they had gone wrong. As the months and years progressed they steadily grew further apart and eventually went their separate ways, disillusioned and at a loss as to what went wrong.

As they grew older and wiser they learned how it is to be in love and how to love; they learned the difference. They learned that to love openly and freely, they must base the love for one another on the love of oneself first. This lesson came for them in a timing that was perfect, for they went on to each find a mate with whom they could be that example that that wisdom taught them.

I realize that most of you have already learned these things and that this seems to be grade school, in review. I bring this to you so that you can see how far you have progressed and so that you can take this teaching to another level. As you continue in the ascension process, you will find that many of these principles will revisit you. You will possibly feel that you need not read this for it is old news.

In that event, I invite you to take it to a new level. Assess how you got to the point you are now, and review how you got there. Then look to the future; look to what is right in front of you now, and then apply the basis for what you have already learned and watch it amass the new way of being on planet earth. You may be surprised how simple it really is.

Go now into your day and see the relevance of what I have presented to you to what you now experience. See how it becomes updated with a change of people, of place and of things. Then see that nothing ever really changes at the center. All is Spirit, and all is truth. Remember we love you and we honor your journey and we celebrate it right along with you.

Thank you dear Commander Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate